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Chapter 2941: Gu Xingze’s Cornea (3)

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Qin Zhou was a little confused when he heard this. “Chairman Mu, what are you thinking?! Do you know this is the best opportunity?! You have to know that cornea donors are hard to come by, and time is a critical factor. And it’s not as though an operation can take place immediately the moment you can identify a donor! Or, could it be, you mind that this pair of corneas are from Gu Xingze?”

Mu Yazhe smiled. “He protected my woman. I have only respect and gratitude for him. I’m not so petty as to bear a grudge against a man who saved my woman’s life!”

Qin Zhou bit his lips. “Then why wouldn’t you let Shishi undergo the transplant?”

“The pressure and guilt caused by Gu Xingze’s death have already crushed her.”

Mu Yazhe took in a deep breath. “She’s pregnant now. The child in her belly is the only hope that can help her get back on her feet. However, if she undergoes surgery now, that child is not likely to survive! If she’s sober, she won’t bear to part with it. If we were to put her through surgery in an unconscious state and without telling her, she’ll definitely fall apart when she realizes it. But most critical of all… I have no idea how devastated she’d be if she were to find out one day that she had regained her sight because of the corneas donated by Gu Xingze.”

Qin Zhou was speechless for a moment.

Mu Yazhe looked at Qin Zhou intently and continued, “You should know that she won’t be able to accept this. He died because of her, and if on top of this, she should regain her sight with his corneas, it will all be too much for her to bear.”

“But—” Qin Zhou was hesitant nevertheless.

“The doctor wouldn’t suggest immediate surgery in any case.”

Mu Yazhe added, “She’s not in a good state of mind right now, it will be dangerous.”

Noting his stubbornness, Qin Zhou gave up.

Hua Jin was a little surprised to hear this. “You mean that the timeline is so urgent that once the corneas have been removed from the donor, the surgery must be done immediately.”

“We’d still need a day to prepare before the surgery.” Mu Yazhe’s lips curled up slightly. “There’s no time.”

Clenching his fists, Hua Jin said sadly, “So then now, Gu Xingze’s cornea…”

“I heard that they’ve been given to a seven-month-old child.”

“Yes, a boy. His was born without corneas, but perhaps it’s just fate that brought this child and Gu Xingze together this way. The surgery was very successful, there was no rejection.”

Mu Yazhe pursed his lips. “I remember that it was carried out in the same hospital. I went to take a look on the day of the surgery. He’s a good looking boy. He’s six months old and has a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes. I heard that his name is Jing Yang.”

This child had a pair of large and beautiful eyes. Before entering the operating theater, when he was being prepared, he even squinted and smiled. His eyes seemed

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