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Charles is known by everyone to be a diligent and loyal assistant to his boss.

He's been working for Adrian for many years now, became his schoolmate from high school to college, and was basically trained for all his younger days to be the outstanding secretary that he is in the present. Coming from a household that supports and shares a close relationship with the Millicent's, he has turned out to be the perfect person for the job.

Little did everyone know that the real reason why Charles took this position wasn't because of those things. He didn't decide to work for Adrian just because his family wanted him to and he was simply obliged to do so due to his background.

The true cause is the strong bond and friendship that they happened to nurture unknowingly over the past few years. Charles has come to know Adrian better than his own flesh and blood. He's aware of a lot of things about this nonchalant and enigmatic boss of his -

Including the fact that he never truly appreciated nor recognized the beacon of light that his wife has become into.

"Say, Charlie... Are you married?" Cassidy chimed in all of the sudden, halting his train of thoughts.

"Huh? What?" Charles blurted out in surprise, taken aback by her uncalled-for question.

"I was asking if you already have a wonderful wifey who's waiting for you back at home or something."

"O-Oh... No, I don't. I'm single."

Both of them just finished packing up and bidding farewell to everyone who took care of her for the past weeks. They're now on their way out of the hospital, heading to the main lobby.

"Well, that's kinda expected. You look really young. How old are you?"

"Just a year younger than the President. Thirty."


At her sudden exclamation, some people around them can't help but look at their direction in surprise. Once more, she's catching attention without her noticing it, which makes him heave a sigh in exhaustion.

"Ma'am Cassidy, please lower down your voice-"

"You're already thirty?! And that man is thirty-one...?! Both of you look so young!"

Seeing her eyes glisten in awe and astonishment, Charles can only blink at Cassidy in nonplus for a moment, thinking that she's really easy to read. He then chuckles a little the moment she starts gushing more about his youthful-looking appearance as if she's seeing some amazing human species.

"I can't believe you're still single, though! I mean, look how much of an eye candy you are!"

And once again, Cassidy kept shamelessly saying things that most people would've just been quiet about.

Because of her amnesia, she forgot the fact that he used to receive tons and tons of marriage interviews. There's a lot of beguiling beauties out there who came after him as well, including celebrities and prominent personalities even, but he didn't entertain any of them.

In a way, Charles thinks that he's just like his boss - completely uninterested and dispas

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