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Adrian had a rough idea of what Cassidy was on about here, but he found her intrepidity this time to be preposterous.

He is more than aware of how she can defend herself, especially since he already got a taste of her fierce assaults. By that, he's referring to those times when he got kicked both on his face and near his crotch. Those memories had even climbed to his top worst nightmares with how painful they were.

With that being said, Adrian knows that Cassidy is just flexing her confidence in her strength and defense skills right now. She probably thinks that she can also deal with these three men before them.

But then, said men happened to be very buff and older than him. What's worse, they reek of alcohol. Now, even though she's indeed as strong as he thinks she is, he's not about to let her take the frontline.

He may have been an apathetic husband, but he's not that ignorant and ins.e.n.s.i.t.i.v.e of a man.

"Eleanor, move away."

That's when Adrian holds her shoulder out of nowhere, catching Cassidy off guard. She feels his hand tightening a little when she chooses not to do as he said, giving her the impression that he really isn't able to catch on her subtle warnings earlier.

Cassidy isn't planning to take these men on and get physical, though. She's just going to have a civil talk with them so as to avoid any commotion from breaking out.

Besides, the other people in the pub are already starting to stare at their direction. Since her husband is a prominent personality, it will not do good if a clamor does indeed happen and people begin to gather all around them to take pictures or something.

With that in mind, Cassidy heaves a sigh before turning around to face Adrian again. She then tries not to flinch the moment she sees his blue slit-like pupils darkening as they rabidly lock on his preys.

At that second, she isn't certain whether she or the men are the ones who screwed up the most here.

"Why don't you check the counter and inquire for some spare chargers in the meantime?" Cassidy calmly suggested to which he replied by bolting her a pointed, dagger look.

"What?" Adrian muttered vehemently, sounding like a volcano that's about to erupt.

"Bossman, we need to charge our phones..." she trailed off with emphasis.

"And our friends here want to have a chit-chat. You won't mind, right?"

Of course, he'd mind.

He couldn't stand those people ogling her like a pack of hungry wolves. It infuriates him to an unfathomable degree - perhaps, to the point that he will be more than happy to snap each of their bones right then and there.

But even when Adrian still tries to insistenly push his way through, Cassidy doesn't let up. Thinking that nonverbal gestures alone wouldn't make her message cross, she decided to lean in closer and whispered to him this time.

"Cool your head off, bossman. You're not in the mood for a talk. I'll just converse with them for a bit."

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