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On an uncrowded road lit by a row of street lights, someone's effervescent cheers pierce through the night along with the robust roar of a speeding motorcycle that comes out like a thrumpy exhaust notes of a vintage classic.

"Woohoooo...! Now, this is the life...!" exclaimed the vivacious rider as she rose from her seat and let her shielded face drank in the ferocious wind.

"Get down, Cassidy! You're gonna kill yourself!" bolted out her shaken companion, pulling her h.i.p.s and dragging her back down at once.

After finishing their business in the boutique, Adrian went ahead and bought the vehicle for Cassidy, which made her squeal and bounce in great joy. He recalled how he couldn't help but feel his face heat up for a bit the moment she flashed him the brightest grin that she could muster and thanked him wholeheartedly.

"Thank you so much, bossman!" was what she chirped that time like a bubbly little girl.

That sight will surely be an unforgettable memory engraved in his mind.

Right now, though, another one is about to be carved in his head - a spine-chilling experience this time. It just turned out that she wasn't actually lying when she boasted about being the best motorbike rider in their town back then. She was so good at it that she made his heart drop for a number of times now.

Like a blazing butterfly in a trail, she continues to fly through the street with a carefree and playful spirit - her black clad vehicle serving as her wings.

"Do you believe me now, bossman? I'm much more capable than what you think!" Cassidy bragged to which he only heaved a sigh.

"Yeah... Capable of causing a road accident, that is," Adrian deadpanned while she only rolled her eyes.

"Relax, relax~ I have been doing this since forever. Besides, there aren't many vehicles around right now. Let's just enjoy the cool, clean air and indulge in the lovely scenery!"

Much to his surprise, he finds himself simply doing as she says. She happened to be right about the evening breeze and the beautiful landscape. He had passed through this place during several occasions before, but this was the first time he was able appreciate the view.

Then again, Adrian was inside the car every time. Whether he's the one driving or not, he never took time to do some sight-seeing or loosen up in a trip. Being the workaholic head of the company that he is, he only thinks of every getaway he takes as a mere break and a brief moment to rest his mind.

But now that he's no longer inside a stuffy, luxurious vehicle, he is able to feel the revitalizingly cool wind and behold the scenery more clearly - an ordinary and simple yet brand new experience for him. The compelling landscape of the city at night has become more apparent without the tinted car windows. He can finally smell the delightful and distinctive ocean air as well.

It's not like riding on a motorcycle is the one that makes the difference this time, though.


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