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Adrian is not sure how exactly everything has turned out this way, but no matter what happens, he needs to protect everyone here.

There are these heavily-armed gunmen who are chasing them at this very moment. It seems like someone has figured out their location as well as the string of kidnapping incidents that they have been conducting. As for their identity, he can think of only one individual who can plot such a dead set pursuit within a short span of time -

The very core of the corruption in their company.

Of course, Adrian is still not completely certain about it. However, it still makes sense, considering that not even the highest-ranked officials can easily see through their schemes. Charles and Asher had been extremely cautious in furtively sourcing information from private records. He himself has thought that everything has been flowing smoothly.

Adrian is quite arrogant, so he is confident to say that the only people who can outwit him in this game are those who have made the rules.

"No matter what, stay close to me, Cassidy. We'll get to Asher and the others soon," Adrian told Cassidy as he guided her to sit behind him and take cover.

"This whole thing is really shady. You are really shady-"

"If I'm shady, then you're nosy! You're not supposed to be here!"

"Even then, I'll continue to follow you! Don't leave me to Asher and run away by yourself."

"Stop following me already! You'll get yourself into trouble!"

"Can't you see?! If I'm with you, there's no danger that can finish you off no matter how many they are!"

"Huh?! Just what the heck is up with that?!"

Both of them are now hiding behind a wall.

Unfortunately, they got separated from their other companions after the pursuit commenced. It has been a complete mess since then. There were firings of bullets, loud noises, a rushed retreat and the surge of panic. It was a good thing that they had prepared for something like this even though they did not really expect it.

At the very least, they still have an escape plan to follow.

In the end, only the two of them have stayed together. There were a couple of gunmen who were chasing them by that point. In the meantime, they went into hiding in hope that they would eventually lose them.

"Mister Shady, there is that guy over there..." Cassidy chimed in all of the sudden, pointing at an unconscious man who was lying on the ground a few meters away.

"You ran out of bullets, right? Let's take his weapon."

"No, we can't let our pursuers see us. We're staying here," Adrian protested, deeming her plan as a bad idea.

"I'll just sneak in there. There's still a wall over where he is. I'll take cover."

"Wait, no, don't that-"

Being as stubborn as ever, she still rushes ahead and slips in as stealthily as she can. Much to his relief, he sees that the gunmen have their backs on their direction at that time, still standing from a distance. With that, she is able to get t

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