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Indeed, Adrian had no idea why his siblings started treating him like this when they could not even care less about him in the past.

They never doted on him, and they never shared a close relationship with him. Since they were little, they had their own separate worlds. Even his closeness with Edward is only to a certain extent.

What they call as familial affection is only displayed through fancy dinner nights, luxurious outings and other social gatherings. When they are together, their conversations mostly revolve around their careers and some personal matters that are not too deep. And unlike now, they never tried to encourage him to open up or look after him this way.

The most perplexing one here is Irish, though. Adrian doesn't know what's up with that laid-back and carefree attitude of hers when she's presently dealing with certain circumstances.

"What are you doing here? Especially you, Irish..." he started with a forbidding approach.

"Was my lesson for you not enough so you came to get some more?"

"Oh, so now you're talking. It's really you who did it, after all..." she said with a scowl, dropping her playful bearing and grimly narrowing her eyes at him.

"No worries. Just like what you want to happen, I'm very hurt by what you've done despite how I look now."

"How did it go, by the way? Did you lose your job or something?"

"Adrian..." Olivia called out from the side, concerned for her sister.

"Irish already gets it, alright? No need to rub salt in her wounds."

The thing is, Adrian has gone after Irish, a world-renowned movie actress and supermodel, by anonymously damaging her reputation and discrediting her for all the misdeeds that she should have long been charged for. The media had reports of her being accused of abuse, which kind of blew up as another top scandal and ultimately costed her one of the things she treasured the most - her career.

In conclusion, he may not have laid charges against her or returned the offenses she did as they were, but he did something that would be more adverse in the long run.

"For now, all I know is that I have been suspended from work. It could get worse..." Irish dismally trailed off and heaved a weary sigh while Adrian only continued looking at her apathetically.

"And with that, I've got nothing to do! So, I just decided to take a break and pay a visit in your workplace."

"Or perhaps, you're here to ask if I can take back what I've done."

"Of course not! I know you will not do it no matter what I do, anyway."

Olivia smiles a little at Irish, thinking that she has changed. If she was still the same as before, she would go straight to Gertrude and throw a tantrum like the spoiled brat that she used to be. Their mother would then deal with Adrian herself, and because he was a bit of a mommy's boy, he would eventually give in after much persuasion. Then, things would go back to the way they were before.

But now, Gertrude could not e

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