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Now that Adrian is acting a little bit out of the usual character that Cassidy has come to get used to, she realizes that she probably knows him better than she thinks she does.

His smile is as blindingly dazzling as ever. She could even see from the corners of her eyes that it practically knocked Aira out of her senses. However, there is something amiss here - something that most people may not be able to point out.

Whether Cassidy is seeing right or not, she is not about to continue keeping silent like this - she should really pull herself together.

"Indeed, this is quite a surprise. I had no idea that you were going to come as well," she started and held onto her cool, hoping that she did not sound like she was against the idea since she was really not - to begin with, he had more rights to accompany their nephews compared to her.

"So, it's true that you're coming with them. I wasn't aware. Hugo probably had his reasons for not telling anything..." Adrian replied before looking at Hugo and giving him a smile that was meant to reassure him but made him shudder instead.

"We'll talk about this later, alright?"

"What do you mean by 'with them', Uncle Bossman? Isn't it supposed to be 'with us' since you're coming too?" Joshua, being the only one among them who was not that affected by this situation, chimed in a somewhat nonchalant manner.

When Adrian only responds with another smile, Cassidy further understands what it is about him that is amiss. It's hard to tell what's running in his mind, so when he finally expresses his thoughts, she hasn't really seen it coming.

"As for that, I think I also have to ask Cassidy if she wants me on board on the trip. I understand that you are looking forward to spend this occasion with me, but I believe that you also miss your aunt. That was why you invited her too, am I right? You ought to be with her this time. We have lots of other opportunities to be together, anyway..." Adrian reasoned out, taking them aback.

"I can back out if Cassidy does not want to-"

"Hey, wait, hold up...!" Cassidy abruptly cut him off and raised one of her hands.

"I don't have any complaint with this arrangement. So, it's alright for you to come. Your nephews want to be with you too, and besides, you are already here."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'm sure."

For a moment after settling that matter, the two of them fall into silence. Their other companions only look at them back and forth, wondering what is up with the awkwardness and their sudden staring contest.

"Yes, indeed. This is awkward," Damien deadpanned, not expecting the lack of heated exchange or any of what they regarded as likely to happen.

"Alright. If you say so, Cassidy..." Adrian eventually began once more before moving on to his other point of concern.

"By the way, are those all the luggage you have with you? Do you have everything that you need?"

"Oh, right! I forgot...!" Cassidy blurted ou

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