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To Cassidy, they're just simply chatting around and spending time leisurely, but to her four debonair bodyguards, they feel as tense as when they first had their job interviews for this position.

Her acting so affable and friendly to mere workers like them is quite an experience to have. It's their first time working for her, so they really didn't have any particular expectation regarding her personality. What's more, they had been reassigned with only a short notice.

As far as they recall, Cassidy had no permanent bodyguards back then.

She was seen being accompanied by her husband's assistants most of the time. Rumors also say that since she didn't go out to public places that often, no one in the family really bothered to give her a personal attendant.

"So then, may I know your names? With your shades on, you guys look almost exactly the same for me. But I'll just try to remember you with your haircuts!" Cassidy started again while they continued to have their breakfast.

Just as she thought, this feels better for her.

Even though the other customers keep glancing at their direction - probably finding it strange to see a lone woman surrounded by four tall men in black, she still feels at ease. She's already used to people's attention, anyway. But as long as everyone else is having a good time, that's fine for her.

"My name is Seven, Ma'am."

"It's Rupert, Ma'am."

"I'm Floyd, Ma'am."

"The name's Greg, Ma'am."

"Wow..." was all Cassidy could think of as a reaction after such an emotional and dramatic introduction - insert sarcasm here, of course.

On second thought, it might be hard for her to know if her bodyguards are really having a good time or not.

Although they are obeying her, they remain as expressionless and formal as possible. It even appears comical since they somehow resemble a human statue.

Now that she thinks about it, they also kind of remind her of those palace guards that she used to see on television. Despite how shaken, disconcerted or befuddled they're probably feeling, they keep looking straight-faced and fierce.

Nevertheless, that only shows how devoted and grounded they are to their duties.

"And that makes them quite the interesting ones. I enjoy making strict people break their own rules, after all~" Cassidy mused silently while recalling how she threw a house party with their houseworkers back at their mansion last time.

With that in mind, she proceeds to spend the morning with her bodyguards slash playmates in tow.

First and foremost, they have to shop for clothes. Cassidy learns that Seven and Floyd share the same taste in fashion as her. They know a lot about various leather pieces and other cool wardrobe staples. That's why despite their gender, they're a great help in choosing the right sets of outfits for her.

"How about this guys? It's just as you thought, leather can be for all seasons."

As Cassidy said this, she step

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