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After a while of staring at the entrance of the dining hall, Edward nearly flinches in surprise when the doors suddenly open.

In anticipation, he continues to watch, thinking that it's probably Adrian and Cassidy. But then, much to his surprise, it only turns out to be a delivery man who is carrying a bouquet that is made up of orchids, bellflowers, and some pink roses. The sight of the resplendent bundle of flowers alone catches people's attention.

Though it's not the one Edward is expecting, he remains watchful of the scene and waits for the delivery man to find the receiver.

"Oh my, what a beautiful bouquet~" Irish then started cooing all of the sudden.

"Someone's gonna propose here or something?" Olivia commented with an amused smile.

"Hmm? But why is it coming our way...?" Gertrude wondered out loud before asking their companions.

"Did someone order that?"

That's when Edward realizes that almost everyone at their table is watching how the delivery man makes their way to them. It's obvious that they're waiting to know who among them is the receiver of the package.

At their curious and expectant looks, he can't help but heave a small sigh, regretting that he didn't think of being discreet about the surprise. It's too late to back out now, though.

"Here. Over here," Edward called the delivery man over, making everyone turn to look at him in surprise.

"Dad? You ordered that?" Damien could not help but ask in puzzlement.

"What?! Will we have a new Mom, then?!" Joshua, being the advanced thinker that he was, exclaimed in astonishment.

"Do flowers mean a new Mom?" Hugo mumbled to himself with furrowed brows, tilting his head quizzically.

"No, Hugo. Flowers don't mean anything like that," their father corrected with another sigh, wondering why exactly did his sons think that he was courting someone.

As if his children's wild guesses aren't enough, his younger sisters just really have to join in the fun. While Irish keeps fidgeting on her seat like a smitten teenage girl, Olivia can't help but continue smiling in amus.e.m.e.nt. The former is a little bit of a narcissist so she somehow concludes that the bouquet is for her.

"Oh, big bro~ You really don't have to, you know~" Irish cooed again with flushed cheeks, acting fl.u.s.tered.

"Please, save yourself from the embarrassment, Irish..." Edward deadpanned.

"I'll just get you another bouquet if you really want one-"

"Huh?! It's not for me?!"

"Edward..." Gertrude suddenly called with a stern gaze, thinking that he indeed had his eyes on a new woman.

"Who do you plan to give that to?"

Edward can tell that his mother is not pleased by the thought of him courting a lady, though he swears that they're all just misunderstanding it. But then again, it's rare for people to see him displaying such a side. The last time he bought a bouquet for someone was when his wife was still alive.

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