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As Charles continues holding Cassidy by her wrist, she suddenly feels like drowning in his firm, unyielding gaze.

For some time, the two of them only exchange looks with each other near the entrance of the casino. At that point, there are no more people around. Everyone had already gone out. Even then, they did not move from that spot.

"Depend on me more. I promise I'll protect you," Charles repeated as if saying a vow.

With how tenacious his expression seems to be, Cassidy finds herself getting drawn. It goes beyond the usual service he is supposed to provide. There's unmistaken devotion in his eyes. He stares at her as if she is the most precious jewel in the world - one that he needs to protect with his life.

As silence proceeds to sprawl in their midst, that moment is unexpectedly becoming a bit intimate.

"Of course, I want to depend on you, Charlie..." Cassidy finally replied, an appreciative smile gracing her features all the while.

"I trust you."

Charles can't bring himself to react coherently for a second there. He knows that she has always been the genuine one, but this time, her words have shed light on a whole new level of sincerity. In his eyes, that smile of hers is starting to become as precious as his own life. He wants to protect it - cherish it no matter what.

With all those in mind, he can't help but fall into a trance, admiring her like never before.

"Charlie, people are coming."

Everything is of perfect calm between the two until Cassidy notices something from both opposite ends of that hall - a few figures in black and white suits. All of them are armed with weapons, and that is enough to alarm her. Her bad feeling eventually took shape the moment Charles looked and confirmed those people as tonight's unwelcomed guests.

"This is bad. They already cornered our ways out..." Charles hissed underneath his breath before pulling her all the way back inside the casino and rushing out of there.

"We need to go back. There are other exits this way."

"But aren't there more shooters there?" Cassidy asked in aghast shock and perturbation.

"We'll just have to hide and sneak our way in until we get to the bar. Actually, it's a good thing that we stopped by the entrance. The fact that they're following us now meant that they were waiting there all along - expecting that you'd show up along with the fleeing crowd."

"Darn it! So, they really prepped for this, huh?"

"I think that they'll really go all out on pursuing you this time, especially since we already have someone who knows the possible mastermind."

"There is?! Who-"

Yet before Charles could say more, the people earlier have already entered the casino, trailing after them. Clicking his tongue in vex, he then picks up his pace and hastens away with Cassidy in tow, drawing out his own pistol from inside his suit jacket at the same time.

Since they're outnumbered and all, Charles has to prioritize their escape

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