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When Cassidy said that she forgot to do something, Charles had expected a lot of things except for this.

"Oh, perfect timing too, Charlie boy! Finally, I got someone to help me with this!" she enthused, spreading her arms wide open and presenting the plethora of flowers and gift baskets that she received over the course of her stay in the hospital.

"Oh, the 'get well soon' gifts everyone sent to you. Of course, I'll bring them to the car, Ma'am Cassidy-"

"No, that's not it! I won't be taking them home."


With that, she proceeds to gush about her plan to give them to the other patients in this hospital instead - more particularly, to those with severe illnesses and the impoverished. This uncalled-for remark of hers took him aback for he knew that it's not something a typical woman of enviable affluence like her would do.

He's also more than aware that these presents were given not only by their company's employees, but also by the board and higher-ups. That means they're just not anything that someone can only use as giveaways.

"What? Are they gonna sue me if I do so? They're mine now, aren't they?" Cassidy retorted with a brow lifted and her arms crossed.

"Well, no. It's just that... The 'twenty-six-years-old you' would most probably say that she'd cherish them as they were gifts from others," Charles mused out loud with a shrug.

"Of course, I appreciate the gesture...~ Rather than material things, though, I would've been more glad if they just visited me... After all, I never really received a visitor for the past two weeks apart from you."

On second thought, Charles might've been wrong all along.

Though barely, he could point out a hint of disappointment and dismay in her tone and wording. She may be smiling blithely like she always does nowadays, but he still managed to catch the remaining trace of that a.d.u.l.t who'd been silently carrying such a lonesome side with her - that one who's been secretly craving for love and affection all the time.

Charles was so close to believing that this Cassidy before him now was a completely different person from that woman he knew. With her amnesia still in effect and having no sign of leaving, he believed that he would have to get used to this entirely new her.

Right now, though, he senses that she's actually still the same person within. Even when she kicked people in their faces or sat idly on the balcony of the hospital's highest floor - which just happened to be the least that people would expect Cassidy Millicent to do, he could now tell that she remained the same through and through.

"Now, quit your yapping, Chamberlain...! Let's go and get this done already," Cassidy chimed in once more, making him snap out of his musing and sigh in defeat.

"I already told you it's Charles, Ma'am. Just where did this Chamberlain come from? And I wasn't even yapping," Charles pointed out tiredly before deciding to just go with this fl

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