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Cassidy can't help but roll her eyes at how Adrian is overreacting just from seeing a woman in her undershirt.

Said woman also turns out to be his very own wife who's been sharing a room with him since forever.

It's not like they're still living in the ninety's where conservative apparels are such a big deal. What's more, they're only by themselves at the moment. Nobody else is looking.

Despite all these, Adrian still sighed and grumbled exasperatedly before narrowing his eyes at Cassidy - an inscrutable look layering over his unsmiling expression all the while. From that second on, he just keeps shooting that pointed and enigmatic gaze at her.

"What...?" she blurted out, her brow twitching a little in annoyance.

"Stop staring at me! If you hate it that much, then just don't look my way, geez...!"

With that, she starts to stir her stumps again and stomps away, leaving him behind. It's just that the kind of gaze he's throwing at her comes out to be unbearably intense for some reason.

She is already more than aware that her husband doesn't like a single thing about her - not her physical body, much less her personality. If someone who dislikes her so much will stare at her that way - and when she has such an unsightly look at that, she'll definitely feel uncomfortable.

Unbeknownst to Cassidy, however, Adrian is doing what's contrary to her assumptions.

He simply thinks that his wife has such an appealingly curvaceous figure - something that he failed to fully take in before. Though he already saw her in sheer garments and knew that she does have an attractive appearance, he doesn't really put too much thoughts in them.

Then again, Adrian can't stand women who wear revealing clothings just to catch his attention. He had told this to Cassidy in the past, which was most probably why she never wore those kinds of apparel.

Right now, though, she is unknowingly shedding light on an unusual form of s.e.xiness - one that he can't help but view as appealing, especially since she's not doing it for the purpose of gaining favors.

"Ughhh...It can't be helped then," Adrian sighed deeply once more, making her turn to look back at him.

"Huh? Did you say something, bossman-"

At that very second, Cassidy came to a pause. She suddenly finds her husband taking his suit jacket off of his head before making his way towards her. Without uttering a word, he then proceeds to wrap it around her waist.

Taken aback, Cassidy only watches Adrian with wide eyes, her mouth slightly agape. She's even more surprised the instant she sees a dead serious expression on his face. Just as she thought, he's displeased about something.

"Both your pants and shirt are fitted. Have you no shame...?" Adrian complained with a scowl, earning another annoyed look from her.

"Dr.a.p.e my jacket over your shoulders once we enter a building with people around."

"Uhh...Sure. Why don't you just give it to me wh

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