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Because of what Adrian told his wife about disliking revealing attires on women, Cassidy decided to wear only those clothes that would make her look demure and well-mannered.

She never had such a plucky presentation before nor did she have the guts to challenge this kind of fashion. More surprisingly than that fact, though, he finds himself being dawned upon by a new and stunning realization -

For some reason, he sees this wild and daring style as a lot more appealing than any female apparel out there.

"Hah...! See this, bossman...?" Cassidy bragged as soon as she reached him, hands on her h.i.p.s and c.h.e.s.t puffed out conceitedly.

"I look more awesome than you, don't I?"

"I don't remember trying to compete with you," Adrian flatly retorted, pretending to be unmoved.

"Just admit it~ You probably never saw this side of me too. I can be quite fashionable sometimes, you know, and I really look badass in this-"

"You look beautiful."

At that, she stiffened.

Since he said it all too sudden, voice barely audible, she felt like she just misheard it. But as she blinks her eyes at him as if trying to urge him to say it more clearly, he only remains silent and smirks knowingly - wordlessly telling her that he isn't about to say it twice.

"Anyway, I just bought a new phone and contacted Charles. He replied to me a minute ago," Adrian then suddenly brought up, teasing her by changing the subject to which she just lifted a brow.

"Oh, I see..." Cassidy blurted out with a thought, still a little surprised by what he said.

"So, what did he say?"

"He told me that the party began an hour later than planned because of the downpour earlier. The delay didn't really inconvenience the guests since we provided hotel rooms for them to spend the night in. By now, dinner time is just about to start."

"That means we can still make it halfway to the party, then?"

"Do you want to? We can just go straight to the retreat house I prepared for you if you're already tired."

Somehow, Cassidy is really starting to sense that Adrian suddenly softens up.

As she continues regarding him contemplatively, she can't help but wonder what turns him this thoughtful. Not only does he carry her around and let her choose what she wants for once, but he keeps asking about her well-being and how she's feeling. He's even considering her own opinions.

Everything is so odd that it's giving her goosebumps.

"No, I'm fine. I wanted to meet the birthday celebrant. You yourself had helped organized the party either, so you should be there and see how your efforts paid off," Cassidy replied coolly, earning a warm smile from him that made her wonder if he's even aware of what kind of expression he's making.

"Alright, then. As I thought, you'd say that..." Adrian trailed off before turning to look back at the window.

"What's our mode of transportation this time?"

"Hmmm...? I think you can just ca

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