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Ever since Adrian and Charles learned about what was going to happen to the orphanage soon, it was as if the entire predicament had began to piece itself together as things eventually fell into place.

That residential institution is going to go bankrupt, and it is all because of the huge loss of sponsors as well as donations. To begin with, Maruschca was the only one who kept giving them enough funds - more so even. But ever since she stopped coming by, the sum of money she donated had decreased to a great degree.

Moreover, with the headmaster getting replaced, their security and finances are at stake. While this person may seem to be trying to find a solution to the issue regarding their bankruptcy, nothing is really being solved as days continue to pass by.

"I wanna kick that good-for-nothing old geezer in the face."

Cassidy was very upset when she told Adrian about the situation.

He only listened and played it off as if he knew nothing, but hearing how she and the other children were beginning to get a bad impression of their new headmaster, he himself was raring to end those low lives at once. For now, though, he had to make sure that she was not going to continue carrying that murderous desire of hers.

"I'll treat you to some ice cream. Let's go and get your head cooled off in the meantime," Adrian offered on their way to meet Asher, much to her delight.

"Thank you...! Oh, and by the way, why are you still visiting? That old lady isn't coming anymore, you know. Isn't she the only reason why you're here?" Cassidy brought up all of the sudden, taking him aback for a second.

"Well, at first, that's indeed the case, but it's different now."

"Hmmm... Since you want to meet up with Asher, then I guess you grew fond of him? You're best friends now?"

"As if I'll be best buds with that guy! I just want to talk with him."

"About what exactly?"

As she looks up to him with those endearingly innocent eyes of hers, he finds himself blushing for a bit. It's actually a good thing that he's still wearing quite a cumbersome disguise. With his cap on, he can hide his flushed face somehow. But even when he is already acting this sheepish, she doesn't want to tear her gaze off of him -

And with that, her stubborn curiosity is making her look even more irresistibly cute in his eyes.

"S-Say, will you promise me one thing...? In return, I'll buy ice cream for you everyday..." Adrian then started again after realizing something much more important than what he was feeling.

"To be honest, I'll be more than willing to give you anything you want if you agree to it."

"Huh? You're being weird, Mister Shady. Is something going on?" Cassidy asked with a brow lifted.

"Promise me that you won't involve yourself to any more trouble. Take care of yourself more. Avoid baddies no matter what. Don't just charge right in only because you know how to kick and punch-"

"Wait, wait, wait! You're being really w

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