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Cassidy had a hard time pretending to be asleep when Adrian was saying all those sweet-nothings and riddling kisses all over her face.

She was already combusting on the spot, but thanks to her fever, she managed not to get seen through. Her current condition had a use, after all. Now, she only hoped that the loud thumping in her chest went unnoticed - nor the unsteady breathing that she kept letting out the whole time.

'Gosh...! How can a man smell so good?! That alone was already bad for my heart. What more if I opened my eyes and saw what he was doing to me...?!' Cassidy bolted out inside her head, still having an internal panic.

'I know that pretending like this is pretty childish of me too, especially since he really isn't doing anything wrong. But still, I don't think I can face him now.'

If Adrian knows that she is already awake, she is certain that the first thing they will talk about is what happened last night. She is afraid that she is still not ready to do anything about it. Then again, she hasn't even registered everything in. It will take a while for the entire truth to sink in.

Not to mention, she doesn't want to deal with such a heavy matter in this hazy state. She might end up saying something she doesn't mean, and she really can't afford to add anything to her headaches.

Cassidy wants to take small steps for now - to confront everything little by little. That's why she wants to continue keeping it all to herself for at least a day longer.

'Tomorrow... I promise I'll deal with it as soon as tomorrow comes... For now, I need to rest,' she thought while panting a little too heavily for someone who was supposed to be asleep.

"Done acting now, Cassie?"

Then, she froze.

At that all-too-familiar voice, she finds herself coming to a still for a moment. She then tried to figure out if she heard right or she was only hallucinating. That is until she suddenly feels something warm and soft hitting the tip of her nose.

Baffled, she finally opens her eyes - only to come face-to-face with a certain childhood friend of hers.

"A-Asher?!" Cassidy blurted out in complete shock.

At the moment, Asher is staring down at her with his face so close that there is nothing but a small gap between them. Only then did she realize how handsome he had actually gotten over the years - the devilish kind of handsome, that is. His mischievous smirk makes him appear so even more.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty..." Asher greeted with a low, smoky tone.

"Or should I say, good evening?"

"H-Huh? It's night already...?" Cassidy asked in surprise and puzzlement.

"More importantly, how did you get in here? Why are you here? When exactly did you come? Why are you so close-"

"Woah, chill out, lady. One by one, okay? We've got all the time in the world."

"R-Right, sorry... Did Adrian let you in?"

"Of course not. He's talking with ol' man Gilmore right now. Know him? He's the reason why I was ab

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