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Looking a little tense, Hugo sits on the bench at the waiting area alongside Damien and Joshua.

At long last, the much-awaited annual family day of their school has arrived. While the other students are ecstatic to experience the exhilarating adventures that they will find, the three of them are torn between different emotions. Although the thrill is there, so are the anxiety and the edginess, considering their circumstances.

For this family day is on the same date of the academe's founding anniversary, it is celebrated in a way that is similar to a field trip - they will be doing it outside of campus.

Complementing the prestige and reputation of this particular institution, they will be riding on a cruise ship to get to their destination. The event will be held in the most frequented campsite in the country, which is being ran by one of the Millicent's biggest business partners. Not only is it a famous tourist spot with its mountain view and nature's park resort, it is also known for its tight security for private gatherings.

"Well, that's great and all, but..." Joshua thought out loud before looking at his brothers back and forth.

"Are we certain about this? They will be here any minute now."

"Nothing is certain here, Joshua. Even I don't know what I'll do once they see each other again..." Damien muttered and sighed out loud.

"If Hugo only told us earlier on, we could have done something to at least prevent chaos-"

"Don't say it like, big brother! It's not like Aunty hates Uncle Bossman, right...?!" Hugo bolted out all of the sudden, cutting him off.

"Besides, I can also keep a secret if I want to! I really didn't want to tell you that I invited her! I wanted to surprise you!"

"Yes, indeed, we were surprised. Shocked even."

"Again, don't say it like that! You yourself hid your secrets for a long time. Why can't I have mine too? This is unfair."

From that point on, Hugo only continues to throw a mini tantrum, not liking how his elder brothers keep looking at him as if he is some sort of mistake. That is until the conversation suddenly points the spotlight on their uncle and aunt's present relationship, which is inevitable since that is the main mystery in all of this.

"Okay, we know that Aunt Cassidy left because she obviously didn't want anything to do with Uncle Bossman anymore, but why exactly...?" Damien trailed off in all seriousness, thrown into deep thought.

"I don't believe that it's only a coincidence that it happened before Grandfather got arrested and Millicent Inc. confronted a lot of issues. It most probably had something to do with those."

"Well, if it indeed had, we couldn't do anything about it. Even now, I can barely understand what kind of mess happened two years ago. I'm dumb..." Joshua said and shrugged.

"Why not just focus on helping them make up or something? Anything to keep our connection with Aunt Cassidy."

"That's hard if we don't even know what the

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