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Right after dropping his first reminder about not going out all on her own, Adrian goes on and lectures Cassidy about how security and safety should always come first.

"Don't wander off without your bodyguards. Have them with you even outside of the mall's comfort room. Don't talk to strangers too, and don't entertain anyone if they recognize you as a Millicent. Most of the time, those people are bad news," he explained for the tenth time that minute.

"Okay, okay... I get it, boss. Geez..." she trailed off with an exhausted sigh.

"I feel like I'm some kindergarten who's going to school for the very first time."

"You know you should hear it. The reason why I'm conducting an investigation in the first place is because there are threats around you. In fact, you shouldn't really be leaving the house right now."

"Might as well lock me up, then."

"I wouldn't do that. Other than the fact that it would only be futile since you're fond of sneaking around, I know you wouldn't want to be locked up."

Again, Cassidy is noticing the change.

Adrian did not say that she loved making troubles and bothering people just like how he used to before. Perhaps, this one hundred eighty turn of his had really something to do with their argument before the storm came yesterday. She could still clearly remember how he got so vexed that he somewhat put the blame on her.

"Until now, I can't move on from that. Maybe, not any sooner either," she pondered quietly as she narrowed and cast down her gaze.

For now, though, Cassidy would just see this change of treatment as Adrian's way of properly fulfilling his obligations for once. They can be empty acts for all she knows. He's only probably trying to make up for every ins.e.n.s.i.t.i.v.e remark and all the negligence that he had done.

As for why exactly he would suddenly go this far even after treating her badly for five long years, she thought that he might have just realized that his cold behavior was already turning inhuman.

"If you already understood everything, I'd be going ahead now," Adrian chimed in again, interrupting her heavy pondering.

That's when Cassidy feels her eyes bulging wide open in surprise.

All of the sudden, her husband puts his hand on the small of her back and leans closer to her. With a pair of half-lidded eyes, he inches his face nearer to hers, throwing her off guard even more. Right then, she realizes that he's going for a peck on her cheek.

The thought that he's going to kiss her makes her hairs stand on end. Not only is that completely out of the blue, but it's definitely crossing the line for her.


As Cassidy firmly said that, she suddenly put her index finger on his lips, making Adrian pause and look at her in nonplus. She then frowns at him and scrunches her brows together for a bit, eyeing him displeasedly.

"You're going ahead of yourself. We're not in that kind of relationship as far as I recall,"

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