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While Cassidy only continues to take p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e in the early morning setting of the beach, Cecile walks up from behind her with breakfast in hand - a tray of freshly-baked pastries and a coffee pot.

Sensing her presence, the redhead turns around to face her. She's delighted to see her frowning at her first thing in the morning, looking offended. It's like she was reading her thoughts the whole time.

"Did you do what you did last night to set an example?" the head maid asked, grimacing in mortification as she recalled the humiliation she received from the other maids that time.

"Well, there's that, but I also did it to get rid of the unnecessary variables. Those maids would just get in the way, and I had no need of them," the redhead replied coolly while leaning on the bal.u.s.trades.

"You should be wary, though. Ma'am Irish would learn that you're the one who fired her workers. She will be provoked for sure, especially since she's one to hate people who acts behind her back and takes away what she considers as her possessions."

Despite Cecile's peeved tone, Cassidy can tell that she is now more willing to cooperate.

She did not ask for that detail about Irish, but she still went ahead and told her to be wary. Then again, what she experienced last night must be truly appalling. Her husband and the other maids had even focused on her at one point, making her the center of attention and star of the night.

If Cassidy hadn't stepped in and saved Cecile - reasoning to Adrian that she wanted to keep her since she believed in her innocence, she would've buckled under the pressure and tore up on the spot right then.

Convincing her husband wasn't that easy, though. He didn't buy it for a while. Still, in the end, everything went according to her plan.

Regarding the dismissal of the other maids, it's not like Cassidy is not expecting a reaction from Irish. In fact, she's quite ecstatic to see her personally. What Cecile said about her character and how she'd treat people as her possessions was quite an interesting information.

'At any rate, I'm only prolonging Cecilia's remaining time here. She has to be fired and sent to jail with all the thefts that she did for who knows how long...' Cassidy silently pondered as she began to eat her breakfast, looking at the head maid who's serving her a cup of coffee all the while.

'Though it would be nicer if she'd get to turn over a new leaf and redeem herself.'


After having her breakfast, Cassidy secretly sneaks out of the mansion while Adrian is still asleep.

She's determined to spend the whole day for herself. With all the commotion yesterday, she really didn't get to do what she mainly went here for, and that was to play at the beach.

Since she did not want any more interruptions, she decided not to tell anyone about it, including Cecile. Instead, she just sends a message to Seven and her other bodyguards, telling them to inform A

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