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Within those two long weeks of staying put in the hospital, Cassidy tries to regain her bearings and footing in this whole new world that she woke up in.

Everything isn't the same as they were before - the way she looks changed drastically, everyone treats her so amicably, and above all, she gets to find herself with tons of luxuries that she never even dreamed of getting her hands on. It's just so bizarre and strange that she thought that it's going to take her a long while to get used to it.

But then, it just happened that she eventually got tired of making sense of all these things. Instead of forcing herself to fit every single discovery in her small, poor brain, she decided to just go with the flow.

"Then again, even if everything around me changed, I know that I'm still me. Let's just say that it feels like I only travelled to the future or something... It's not like I'm complaining about the way things are now either. After all, unlike before, everything here is already provided for me..." Cassidy thought to herself as she sat on the bal.u.s.trade of her hospital room's balcony, silently mulling over.

"Seems like that husband of mine is super duper rich. People keep calling him president, which is kinda misleading since I first thought that he's really the country's president."

Up to this day, Cassidy has no idea how exactly she ended up marrying such an affluent individual. Aside from overwhelming wealth and an attractive appearance, Adrian possesses great power and influence - almost as if he's the very definition of perfection itself.

"No, wait, scratch that. He's not perfect at all..." she then deadpanned with an annoyed expression.

"That guy is greatly lacking in the attitude department... He's downright cold. He doesn't see me as his wife at all, and I'm sure of that since it's plain obvious from the first get-go."

That's when Cassidy recalls the first and last time she saw this enigmatic husband of hers. Through his unfeeling gaze alone, she already could tell that Adrian held no sort of affection for her.

What's more, that's the final time he visited her. For the past two weeks, he never showed his face again. There are no calls or messages either.

"I mean, if he is truly worried about me, he'll still see me no matter how busy he is. He didn't even bother sending any word or taking even just a glimpse. Now, I don't need any memory to know that this is a loveless marriage..." she brooded with a scowl.

"I don't really care about how rich or handsome he is. If anything, that fact just makes me feel more miserable."

Cassidy doesn't know what made her a.d.u.l.t self want to enter such a commitment with Adrian. Everyone keeps reminding her how she used to be so fond and in love with him either.

While it may be true that she couldn't care less if she got to know something new at school or not, in her current case, she couldn't help but be bothered by how clueless and seemi

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