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Earlier that day, Cassidy expressed her apology to all the houseworkers she troubled and confessed that she was just very bored the entire afternoon.

Once again, she struck everyone dumbfounded by such a shallow reason. But still, from that point on, she managed to start changing their overall perception of her - without her really knowing it, that is.

Contrary to her expectations as well, the head housemaid, butler and all the other servants were actually really understanding of her. Despite the fact that they're used to giving her the cold treatment, they still entertained her request to find something she could pass time with.

"Well, since Ma'am Cassidy lost her memories and couldn't really remember what she would often do in this kind of situations, we'll just help you settle down with something. This will work better for us too since we'll be able to make sure that you're not going to do something as dangerous as earlier again," was basically their main reason that time.

With that, Cassidy had some of the maids tail her around for the rest of the afternoon. They visited the garden and toured around the mansion some more.

That's all until she found the audio-visual room and came up with the brilliant idea of doing karaoke there.

Then, before she knew it, more maids and manservants began joining her and the others until it became one heck of a house party.

"So, then... You might as well be saying that you turned our houseworkers into some kind of babysitters before eventually stringing them along to your antics," Adrian flat out said, an unamused expression splattered across his face.

The two of them are now inside their bedroom - with Cassidy drooping and sitting all courteously on top of her bed, legs bent and knees forward. All the while, her husband is standing right in front of her while crossing his arms and wearing a steely expression, practically towering over her.

She just finished explaining everything to him, and since he'd been scowling the whole time, she couldn't help but sit still for once.

"I'm sorry if I used your karaoke bar without any permission, alright?" she started, rubbing the back of her neck and averting her gaze.

"It's not even a bar," he deadpanned.

"Yeah, okay, cool... But anyhow, I understand why you'd be mad since we were still doing it past midnight and everyone was supposed to have their work tomorrow... Really, my bad."

"If you knew that, why did you still let them stay up late?"

"Well, uhhh... 'Cause we lost track of time?"

Again, Adrian just shot her a flat look, unconvinced. Cassidy couldn't really do much in this situation, though. She knew that none of her reasonings would work on him.

But then, there's only one concern she needed to handle before completely giving in.

"You can do anything to me - punish me or whatnot..." she voiced out with a downcast gaze, lowering her head a little.

"Just don't fire any of the h

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