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Adrian finds himself losing words to say the moment Cassidy makes this genuine display of mirth.

As she just continues guffawing at his face for the next seconds to come, her round of hearty laughter flows through the air like a solacing tune, which somehow makes their present situation a little bit more bearable for him. Though he really doesn't want to admit it, he can't help but think that his wife's vivacious grin and light-hearted giggles can probably make anyone's day brighten up almost instantly.

What's more, this is the first time Adrian has ever seen Cassidy act so loose and unwary of him - at least, her eighteen-year-old version, that is.

"What's so funny?" he then asked as he shot her a pointed gaze, feigning annoyance.

"W-Well... I-It's just... Pffttt...!" she stammered out before laughing even more, her figure already shaking with mirth.

"You just look hilarious right now, bossman."

As soon as she said that with a greatly amused expression, he only blinked at her in puzzlement for a moment, even looking somewhat dumbfounded. He then hurried back to the car and took a look at himself through its tinted window. That's when he finally found out what she meant.

"It seemed like the ever perfectionist President didn't only forget his things like a ditz, but he also didn't have enough time to groom himself this morning," Cassidy teased to which he only returned an unamused look in reply.

"You have no right to make fun of me. This is all your fault," Adrian sharply pointed out before proceeding to comb over his hair with his fingers.

"Oh, what a compliment~ I didn't know I can bring out the unknown in you."

"The what?"

"I was just thinking that I didn't know you had this side of you. You just appeared like you're in control of everything all the time. Right now, though, I realize that it isn't always the case... Oh, but that's a good thing, I think."

Dropping that remark, Cassidy then spares Adrian one last glance and smile before turning around to make her way to the driver. He only stands there in silence right after, struck speechless all over again.

Adrian isn't sure what's so special about what his wife just said. But knowing that those words came from the very person that served as the one and only entity he didn't have any control over, the dramatic irony caught on him quite a bit.

More than that, though, Adrian realized that Cassidy just claimed his agitated state as a fresh, new side of him that she's witnessing - much like how he saw her genuine display of mirth earlier as a first for him either.

But then again, in a trip like this, unprecedented turns can happen. At the same time, said turns may also bring forth an unexpected change between them - in the way they perceive each other, for one.

"Why does it sound like I'm against whatever image she has of me? I really don't care," Adrian then found himself flatly muttering, straight-faced.

"Hey, b

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