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Like someone who just went back to his springtime in life, Adrian has put on quite a voguish style that accentuated his youthfulnesss.

With his sleek hair half unkempt and half neat, he's wearing a fashionable black suit jacket over a teal blue dress shirt that has its first two buttons loose, a designer black trousers, and a pair of brown leather shoes. He appears as if adopting some sort of trend and going for the right brand at the right time - looking like a guy at the cutting edge of fashion.

"Oh, wow, bossman... You look..." Cassidy trailed off a little breathily, examining him from head to toe while he kept himself from staring at her expectantly.

"Neat and tidy again."

And he slumped.

Just when Adrian thought he'd be hearing a compliment, she really had to say her favorite phrase about him once more. He went along with the store manager's fashion advice earlier, which he didn't really ask but still saw that it fit his tastes anyway. It seemed like it didn't leave quite a lasting impression on his wife, though.

Neat and tidy isn't her type, after all.

"What are you stalling around there for, by the way? You already took a long time choosing your outfit. Get changed now or else you'll catch a cold," Adrian ordered a bit sternly, crossing his arms.

"Oh, right. I'm on it," Cassidy blurted out before eventually walking away, her assistants in tow.

He didn't budge on his spot until he made sure that she really went to the dressing room. As soon as she disappeared in there, he turned to the window and took a look at what got her daydreaming earlier.

With a ponderous expression on his face, Adrian just continues to regard the motorcycle on display.

A few minutes later, one of the employees who's been assisting his wife suddenly approached him. He's told that she has finished changing clothes. With that, he eventually peels his gaze off of the vehicle which he happens to be staring at for a while now.

"Oh, I forgot to tell her that I already bought a phone and texted Charles either..." Adrian silently thought on his way there, taking out his new cellphone from his pocket and checking for a reply.

"Seriously, she was so slow that I managed to do all my tasks here while she's still not finished-"

Right then, though, he suddenly halts on his tracks in surprise. He's a good few meters away from the dressing room when his wife finally steps out of there. It's as if he comes to a standstill at that very moment, his eyes widening a little in nonplus.

Cassidy confidently strides as if setting her path on fire, carrying the bold and fearless air of a daredevil. The l.u.s.trous, sable blackness of her hair gleams as it gracefully bounces. Her fierce black outfit highlights her devil-may-care attitude, making her stand out and turn people's heads.

The employees can't hide their smiles at how delighted the wearer looks in her attire. Even the husband himself can see that she's e

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