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For a whole month, Adrian kept coming to that orphanage until he finally realized that he was no longer visiting for only one purpose.

He eventually confirmed that Maruschca was not cheating on Grisham or doing anything bad behind his back. She was genuinely caring and thoughtful of the orphans there, which was why she would frequently pay them a visit. Perhaps, the same was starting to happen to him as well - he was slowly growing fond of that place without him realizing it.

Meeting Cassidy was like exploring a new world that Adrian could never find within the walls of his luxurious home. As days passed by, he formed relationships with Asher and the others, hanged out with them in the most casual and fun ways possible, got to know more about these people and the world around him, and live like a normal teenager for once. He never knew he wanted something like this until he just came to realize that he did.

Even then, within that whole month, Adrian remained in his disguise.

As much as he wanted to tell them the truth, he couldn't find it in himself to say it. That's not because he was afraid that they were going to change how they treated him. It's just that there were still a few things he had to discover in regards to the mysteries surrounding his grandmother, the orphans, and the very place itself.

"So, you met Mrs. Donovan six years ago? And you are the reason why she keeps coming back? Which means you are her favorite?" was what Adrian asked Cassidy one time while they were hanging out with Asher and the others at their favorite spot at the marketplace - which they often did whenever he visited.

"I'm not bragging, okay?! That's the truth! To be honest, I got creeped out at first because there was just no way that a complete stranger would start pampering me out of nowhere! But at the very least, she eventually proved that she only meant well. That's why I just let her spoil me."

"Wait, you don't know why she even began paying attention to you in the first place?"

"Nope! She did tell me that I reminded her of someone she knew well, but apart from that, I had no idea at all."

If it wasn't for her, he wouldn't really know as much as he did now.

It helped that she was the closest to Maruschca among all the children at the orphanage. She never hesitates to tell him anything he likes to know about this secret side of his grandmother. That kind of baffles him. It doesn't seem like she is too trusting of people whose true identities she doesn't even know, but he still can't believe that she can tell him something this personal despite his firm refusal to confess who he truly is.

"Why I trust you so much? Wow, that suddenly got deep..." Cassidy giggled when Adrian questioned her about why she kept treating him this way.

"Don't forget I'm still calling you 'Mister Shady' - of course, you still have to earn my trust more. But even then, I feel comfortable with you. It's just like when I'm with the

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