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With all of the strong pieces of evidence laid out in front of everyone at the court, Adrian eventually won the trial while Grisham received his sentence.

The whole Millicent family is in complete chaos, and so is the entirety of Millicent Inc.

Not only did the current head expose a number of embezzlement and money siphoning cases along with the identities of the felonious officials behind them, but with him taking down the corrupt system, he also turned the whole firm into one of the nation's top scandals. As guilt surfaced and crimes were confessed, the conglomerate ended up facing a lot of issues.

Even then, Adrian is well-prepared for everything. He is not alone here either. Now that he has the highest power and ruling authority in the family, most of his relatives support his decisions and so do the remaining members of the board of directors.

Now, there is only one more thing to take care of before he proceeds to his next course of action.

"I see that you are doing well, Adrian."

Grisham greeted Adrian from the other side of the glass window of the prison's visiting room, looking as inscrutable as ever.

The prison cell he is staying at is like this hollow cube of concrete - one way in and no windows. In there, one could have no idea how much time has passed. They won't even know if it was night or day. It was totally disorientating by design.

If given enough time, the prisoner could forget their own name in there. The isolation was absolute, and the stimulation was zero. No sound. No light. No furniture or cloth of any kind.

"I haven't been doing well..." Adrian scoffed contemptuously.

"I've been doing great, and it's no thanks to you."

"I see."

For a moment, Grisham only stared at his grandson. He then suddenly coughed a few times and turned to the side. In all seriousness, he peered at the wall and gripped onto the handles of the chair he was seated on.

"I'm glad, then."

Adrian almost laughed at his response. He is trying so hard to keep his cool right now, but he can already feel his blood boiling inside him. His attitude towards all of this is revolting.

"Like hell you are. Why don't you just come out and say it already? Why don't you just say that you never gave a damn about me? About any one of us...?" Adrian snarled with scorn and disdain.

"All you thought about was yourself. You're greedy, selfish, and prideful. Why is that you keep wanting more even though you already have it all? Why would you use others? Why do you hate people that much?"

"I don't hate you, Adrian..." Grisham trailed off impassively, making him grit his teeth and clutch his hands together.

"You're my grandson. I can't hate you, and I can't make myself hate you-"

"Oh, yeah? It's alright if you do 'cause I won't care. I'm no longer living in your shadows, and I'm better off not being loved by a monster like you."

"A monster, huh... I see."

While he was saying that to him, h

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