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Hugo is in quite a tight position at the moment - not to mention, an undesirable one even.

When he still did not respond to any of their questions, Damien began to have his suspicions. His younger brother is rarely this reserved and secretive - in the first place, he rarely ever received a phone call from anyone. And if he really is acting the way he thinks he is, he can see only one cause behind this.

'Is it Aunt Cassidy...?' Damien wondered to himself, narrowing his eyes in suspicion.

'Dad and Uncle are not aware that we sneaked out that night to see Aunt. Heck, they don't even know that I've been sneaking out for a while now. But since that was the first time that I went with my brothers, they wouldn't be prepared for something like this. The secret isn't only mine to keep anymore.'

Now that they are growing older, Edward is starting to get less strict little by little.

That has given them a chance to sneak out that evening to hang out with Cassidy and the others. They lied about going to a friend's house and staying out late, and much to their relief, they have not been busted out even now - that is unless Hugo fails to get his way out of this ongoing interrogation.

Since this will affect all three of them, the eldest decided to step in and save the youngest's butt.

"Say, Uncle Bossman, are you gonna be free this week...?" Damien started out of nowhere, changing the subject and stealing their attention from Hugo - which made the little guy sigh in relief.

"Our school will be holding its annual family day. Dad told us that he might not make it since he would be on a business trip or something. Isn't that right, Dad?"

"Oh, ummm... Yeah..." Edward answered then faltered, feeling like moping at that moment since his son had given up on him so early - he only asked once the other day, and though he no longer insisted, he was planning to cancel that business trip.

"I may or may not make it. However, Damien, I could try to-"

"Then, won't you just go with us, Uncle Bossman...?!" Joshua enthused all of the sudden, cutting off his father and making him feel like moping even more.

"It will be fun, I promise!"

"Well, if it's this week, I do have my day-off..." Adrian thought out loud, considering the invitation.

"Alright, then. I'll just go with you in replacement of Edward."

While Damien and Joshua cheered at this, Edward eventually started moping.

Unbeknownst to them, Hugo has been having a panic attack for that entire time - the eldest did not save the youngest's butt at all.

Cassidy will also be going there with them, after all. He didn't tell them that he invited her since he wanted to surprise them. Also, he wanted to avoid having them learn that they exchanged contact numbers because he wanted to keep that secret for himself. What's more, he couldn't possibly tell Adrian not to come since he didn't have any excuses - he himself wanted him to come as well.

With that sa

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