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The other members of the Millicent family have been waiting in the dining hall for quite a while now.

That five-star hotel houses quite a lavish seafood restaurant. The whole setting is almost palatial, has a grandiose interior design, and provides a very classy ambiance.

Since Gertrude invited a few guests, she was forced to start their dinner even without a certain couple around. It would be embarrassing to keep them waiting, after all. But even when they already began, the exasperation she was feeling didn't lessen at all.

Once more, Cassidy is proving how much of a bad influence she is to Adrian. Her son is never late, so this is obviously her fault. What they did back at Damien's birthday party was happening before her eyes all over again.

"That damn brat... How much does she want to aggravate me until she is satisfied?" Gertrude hissed underneath her breath as she took a sip of her wine, cursing just loud enough for the person beside her to hear.

"Well, at least she is finally meeting us, Mother..." Irish trailed off with a scheming smirk.

"Don't worry. Just focus on your guests. I'll deal with Cassidy."

"Irish, what are you planning this time?" Olivia asked her discreetly, glancing at her from the side.

"Many things. I'm still in the middle of choosing one - the worst one, that is."

"Are you still angry at what happened to your date this morning?"

As her twin sister asked her that, she stilled for a second and narrowed her eyes. That's when the memory from earlier that day replays in her mind, making her clench her fists in anger.

"Hey, I'm talking, you know. Just what was it you're looking at the whole time?" was what Irish asked the man she was presently dating when she found him practically drooling and goggling at his phone.

The two of them were inside a local milktea shop at that time. She was talking about all the famous directors and actors that she worked together with when she caught her boyfriend not paying attention.

Getting ignored is definitely one of the things she hates the most. He should know that already even if they only started dating a couple of days ago. Rather, everyone who knows her should know that.

What made Irish flare up even more was the impression that he was ogling another woman right in front of her.

"O-Oh, Irish... It's just that... There's this viral photo that is spreading like wildfire since the other day. I believe you know her. It's kinda mentioned in the comments that she looks like one of the Millicent's, after all. They also said that this picture was captured by a world-renowned photographer," was what her boyfriend told her as he showed her the image on his phone.

That's when Irish feels her fury raging in like a storm.

The picture shows a perfect s.e.xy shot of Cassidy in her black leather jacket while taking off her helmet.

She immediately realized that the picture was taken during her nephew's birthday p

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