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For a while, Cassidy only continues to walk down the aisle all the way to the exit of the casino, planning on staying at the same balcony where she and Edward talked earlier in the meantime.

Although she is too caught up in her emotions right now, she can still notice how people will look in her direction. Through the corners of her eyes, she can see a number of them turning to look at her even when she just keeps staring ahead. She is no longer wearing anything to cover her bare skin like earlier, so her appearance might have stood out again.

At least, that's what Cassidy assumed for the first few seconds.

'Hmmm...? This is getting strange...'

For some reason, something is starting not to settle well with her. The closer she gets to the exit, the more she senses some sort of looming portent. It's as if there's a hidden intention among those gazes. Since she is already used to people's attention by this point, she is able to differentiate the kinds of looks they are giving.

'No, it's not only that. I won't be reacting like this if I hadn't pointed it out first. This is not just any usual type of attention...' Cassidy pondered as she proceeded with her walk and pretended to be oblivious.

'This could be the worst type of unwarranted attention.'

Right then, she decided to take a brief glance at her side, and true enough, she noticed at least a couple of shady-looking men. Both of them were giving her the look that could only mean trouble. It's the kind that made her feel like she's under surveillance.

'This might turn out to be bad. Maybe I should go back-'

"Ma'am Cassidy?"

That's when Charles showed up before Cassidy all of the sudden, taking her aback.

For a moment, they only share the same surprised expression. She can see that he is a little confused. He was probably expecting that she won't be all on her own like this - which might indeed be a bad thing if her suspicions are correct.

Cassidy wants to hurry up and tell Charles about these sketchy onlookers, but she feels like she is going to pull a trigger once she announces that out of nowhere. There can be more than two of them surrounding them now.

That's why instead of letting her alarm and panic show through, Cassidy came up with an idea and decided to act normal.

"Hi there, Charlie~! You finally came! Too bad that you missed dinner. Did your paperwork consume too much of your time again?" she greeted ebulliently before walking closer to him.

"Ummm...Ma'am Cassidy?" he blurted out in bafflement.

"But anyway, it's been days since we last saw each other! I've missed hanging out with you!"

Much to his nonplus, she rushes towards him and wraps her arms around his neck, hugging him.

Despite his confusion, he just leans down when she pulls him closer. She is definitely being extra cheerful and friendly tonight. What's more, though he has only seen her apparel for less than a minute, she looks extra lovely - no, she looks ex

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