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Adrian never thought that he would ever see this manor turn into something this boisterous, loud and cheerful.

It has always been one strict household, after all. It will be the jewelries, luxuries and opulence that'll do most of the talking around here - almost as if the only job that humans have in this place is either to behold them with awe and astonishment or preserve their l.u.s.ter.

This enormous audio-visual room, for one, was something that Adrian never thought would have this kind of use. It's as spacious as a real theater and contains a lot of equipments that have their respective functions.

Turning this whole place into a karaoke bar isn't supposed to be one of them - or so what Adrian thought.

As much as he didn't want to admit it, though, everything appears compellingly brilliant. It's as if new kinds of colors have painted the entire mansion with just this scene alone.

Even more so when Adrian looks at his wife from a distance. It's not that hard to point out that she is the source of all these exhilarations with how bubbly and bright her grin is the entire time.

"President Millicent, good evening. I see that you've finally arrived."

At someone's sudden arrival, he snaps out of his train of thoughts and turns around to find the family's chief manservant. The butler has his trademark mellow smile on, looking completely unbothered by what's happening at the moment.

"Anthony, what is going on here?" Adrian asked a bit too urgently, itching to get a clarification.

"They're singing and dancing, President," Anthony simply replied, making him pinch the bridge of his nose in exasperation.

"I know that, okay? I can see it. I'm asking how exactly this thing happened."

"Well, allow me to tell the very beginning, Sir. Our lonely mistress over there was touring around the house when she found the skateboard that Sir Damien forgot in the lounge. Then, she went skating all around the mansion until her wounds reopened and caused her to-"

"Wait, what?!"

Now, Adrian is beyond flabbergasted - perhaps, somewhat infuriated.

Though he completely understands all the details, he still finds the whole story stupefying and difficult to decipher. Just as his bad feeling was saying earlier, Cassidy got herself into trouble again and had even reopened her wounds.

"Alright, that's it. This party is over," Adrian hissed underneath his breath, brows scrunched tightly together in vex.

Not letting the butler finish, he just goes ahead and throws the doors open, turning heads to his direction. His sudden entrance caught everyone off guard almost instantly - all except for the mastermind of this whole fiasco.

Cassidy just happened to be too busy flipping the pages of the songbook at the moment, thus failing to notice her husband's arrival.

The maids and manservants are still in their work uniforms, and so should be their behaviours even in such a nerve-wracking situation. With

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