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As Cassidy only continues pressing down her skepticism with a dubious look, Adrian takes a moment to silently review what exactly happened before he got there.

In reality, he had already went ahead of his wife and arrived at the venue of the party yesterday. He helped his elder brother, Edward, in laying out the last touches for the preparation, which ended up taking an entire day to finish.

His wife already passed away, so he really needed some assistance in organizing his eldest son's birthday celebration. Since Adrian is the closest to Edward among the siblings, he specifically asked for his help - much like how he'd always count on him in his work and personal affairs.

But as for this particular arrangement Adrian has found himself doing at the last minute, he decided not to count on his brother - or anyone for that matter. By that, he meant that he didn't mention to anyone that he'd be returning to his mansion and going back there with his wife this time.

To put it simply, Adrian came up with the decision to escort Cassidy to the venue, and because of how sudden it was, he left without informing Edward and everyone else.

"It's just that... the feeling I had the other night never disappeared from my mind - when she told me that she won't be coming to the party, to be exact. I could sense that she's planning something again, and as for what it was..." he quietly pondered as that unsettling and bothering feeling began to resurface within him for the nth time that day - without him realizing it, that is.

"I feel like she's going to leave without telling me again - like when she went to the airport and boarded a plane back then... And now that I'm thinking about it once more, I still don't get what made her do such a thing in the first place."

For that reason, Adrian ended up getting carried away by his undecipherable emotions and consequently deciding to do all of these.

It's so not like him - he knew, especially since it seemed like he kept losing his cool. But even then, he still went along with his impetuous actions. It's just that for a very long time now, he'd been sensing something strange around his wife that made him do so - not 'with' since he's already more than convinced that she's downright strange.

"Are we just going to stare at each other like this or what? I can't read minds, you know," Cassidy started again after a moment of silence between them.

"I came because I wanted to make sure that you're really going," Adrian plainly replied, veiling his true concern and feigning nonchalance.

"Why does that sound like I'm an inmate who's about to be transferred to another prison?" she then huffed with a deeper frown.

"What are you saying? You don't even have any guard around, and now that I'm on that subject again, why in the world don't you have a bodyguard?"

"I don't know and I don't care. They'd only make me feel more like a prisoner-"

Right then, though, the car m

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