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Cassidy has been more elated than what Adrian expected.

When he went and bought her a cone of strawberry ice cream, her bright, dazzling smile never left her face. She expressed her gratitude with the giddiest of grins he has ever seen before proceeding to feast on the sweet with so much delight. He couldn't take his eyes off of her starting from that point on.

It was his first time experiencing something like this. His disguise may have helped, but he felt like he was being treated genuinely for once. There was no facade that could serve as a barrier between her and him. Both of them are acting as their own persons - not at all influenced by each other's background, status, or anything related to that.

Apart from that, there is something about Cassidy that Adrian has never seen from anyone else. Perhaps, not just something - it is her as a whole. She can be both wild and clumsy yet soft-hearted and sincere.

It's only their first meeting, but he feels like he can get used to this kind of get-together. He can't deny how it feels good to be welcomed even though he is far from his usual image. There's no need for scripted movements, empty praises or rehearsed conversations - he is just himself.

On this one, he also didn't have to be useful to get those genuine gestures and warm smiles of hers.

"Do you want some, Mister Shady?" Cassidy asked out of nowhere, offering her ice cream to him.

"N-No, t-that's a little indecent. You're really telling me to have from yours too?" Adrian said incredulously, blushing a bit at the very idea of an indirect kiss.

"Indecent? I'm just sharing, though."

"You know what I'm saying! If I lick from your ice cream, the watery liquid that is secreted into our mouths by our glands will mix together. Just picture that. It's really indecent."

"Pfffttt...! Quote me science, nerd brain. You're such a weirdo."

As Cassidy giggles, Adrian realizes one thing.

In the end, his impression of her will be the same even if he puts aside his personal experiences. Whether he is himself or another person, she will still be as genuine as she is now. She is a charming girl with a charming attitude. There is no ill will in her words or actions. That must be why he didn't feel as offended as he would probably be when someone else said that to him.

What made him realize all of that was her giggle that sounded as sweet as honey, her gaze that was as soft as the clouds above, and her smile that looked as warm as the summer sun. Everything about her was making him think like the starry-eyed poet that he never thought he would be.

"Hey, ya' punk. Whaddya think ya' doin' with our little Cassie?"

In the midst of his summer daydream, Adrian perked up at the entrance of a group of high school students who all seem to be delinquents - a gang, most likely.

"Tryna kidnap her? Rob her? Molest her?"

"Ohhhhh...Ya' so gonna get it, ya' scum!"

"Let's tie him up at the basement! He ain't

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