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On his way back home, Adrian remains immersed in his thoughts and concerns for what is about to go down tonight.

It is now or never - not only because he had already dragged on his silence for too long, but also because it had been difficult to approach Cassidy these days. This may not be noticeable to other people, but he can tell that she is putting her distance in more than one way.

He had taken note of her skepticism and unease whenever he was getting too caught up in his romanticizing, but for some reason, she never pushed him away despite it all.

'She seems to be merely pretending to be fine by playing along, though...' Adrian quietly brooded as he listlessly stared out to the tinted window of the car that he was riding on at the moment.

'I'm not sure what hurts more - watching her pretend like that all the time or being the receiving end of her apathy.'

Even then, he hasn't ran out of things to do.

That's why he is working hard to balance everything out - his duty as the head of the family, his clandestine undertakings of hunting certain evildoers down, and his role as a husband. Things have been busier than ever before, but he is more than willing to carry them out with the best of his abilities.

'At any rate, I have to tell her that I finally remember everything. Though I'm still afraid of how she will respond or if it will only make things worse between us, she deserves to know.'

With that in mind, Adrian braces himself for what seems like a thousandth time, steeling his resolve to see this through.


"But you promised that you would spend time with me tonight, didn't you?"

Cassidy went to a still, caught off guard at how Adrian really went and used that against her.

They met up at the entrance of the mansion by coincidence - with her heading out, and him going in. It seemed like her luck had turned rotten all of the sudden. She was not intending to get caught like this.

Apparently, Cassidy has been as busy as Adrian these past few days, though she is more furtive about it than him. She has been going out to meet certain individuals - not without sneaking in secret and making Cecile cover for her and make up lies, of course. They can't alarm the other houseworkers that she's been going in and out of the place, especially Mia and Anthony.

Tonight, she was about to go out once more, but much to her surprise and dismay, her husband returned home much earlier than usual. It was also kind of her fault that she forgot her promise to spend dinner with him - which she absentmindedly made the other day as another way to play along.

"By the way, Anthony told me that my sisters paid you a visit earlier today. He said that I should know the rest of the story from you, though..." Adrian brought up all of the sudden, making Cassidy flinch a bit in surprise.

"Did Irish and Olivia bother you?

As he asked that, both his tone and expression darkened.

For a second there

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