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When Asher first heard the astonishing news of the arrest of the target of his bloodlust and malice, he was enraged to an extent.

With Grisham being dealt with in such a legal and humane process, he could not help but be immensely dismayed. Putting him behind the bars will not do them justice at all. That atrocious monster deserves far worse than a lifetime imprisonment - he needs to suffer before he gets locked up.

"I knew I should've been faster than Shade! I couldn't trust him to do this right at all...!" Asher exclaimed exasperatedly, talking on the phone.

"I don't care if that piece of trash rots in jail! He should experience at least half of what he did to his victims! I was even planning to torture him! Get him out of there, Charlie! Get him out!"

"You know, you really sound like a madman right now. Calm down..." Charles said at the other end of the line, heaving a sigh at the same time.

"I know how you feel, and I know that the President understands that feeling more than anyone else. He himself thought a lot about this, but in the end, he realized that this was the best thing to do."

"Best thing my ass! He was only lenient because he was his dearest granddaddy!"

"He was not at all. You don't have any idea what he has been through under him."

"Sure, I have!"

"Anyway, the President and Ma'am Cassidy are the main victims here. Let us just leave it up to them, alright? Let them decide what they want to do."

Asher couldn't deny what Charles said. Those two have every right to choose how they will treat their trespassers. They were probably even having a really hard time in confronting this entire matter, considering that all they truly wanted here was to live in peace and happiness for once.

"Just so you know, the President nearly killed all of the subordinates before exposing them and stripping off everything from them. He may not have done the same with the mastermind, but I can tell that he has a separate plan at least," Charles continued to which he only rolled his eyes in response.

"Yeah, I already know. Putting him in a cellar without an air conditioner, is that it? That is indeed extremely cruel of him," Asher scoffed sarcastically.

"Look, he couldn't kill him just like what you probably wanted, and that's not because they're blood-related. Aside from the fact that killing has never been his forte nor is it a right thing to do, he has his own reasons. It's pretty complicated. To begin with, I honestly don't know why I'm even reasoning myself out to you."

"Well, thanks for defending him, then."

"Asher? Why are you still awake?"

At that, Asher immediately turned to the side and found Cassidy looking at him in puzzlement, prompting him to lower his phone and end his call with Charles at once.


It's their second night in Josephine's home.

Like during the first one, Cassidy slept with Aira in her bedroom while Asher took the couch at the living room. The

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