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As soon as Cassidy arrived at the orphanage, she was greeted by the caretakers and got toured around the place.

Everyone was grateful and overjoyed to have received the bouquets from her. They seemed to have appreciated them as much as she did. Seeing how the adults reacted, she became eager to see how the children would respond to them.

But then, for some reason, Cassidy had not seen a single one of them ever since she came.

"Oh, the children? They are with our other guest right now, Ma'am Eleanor. I sincerely apologize for not informing you beforehand since this is kind of a last-minute visit. But if you like, you can join them as well," was what the headmistress of the orphanage explained to her after she asked about the orphans.

There is really nothing wrong about having another guest apart from her, though. In fact, she finds it a good thing that they have someone else funding and providing for them. Perhaps, that explains why their building appears to be having an ongoing renovation.

"If you don't mind me asking, who's this other donor?" she inquired on their way to the playroom where everybody was at the moment.

"He is a well-known and affluent personality. I believe you will be able to tell who he is once you see him," the headmistress answered with a knowing smile, putting on some suspense.

Cassidy thinks that having a wealthy figure backing their finances is even better, but what she doesn't know is that she is in for a rude awakening.

They were still treading the narrow hallway that led to the playroom when they heard fits of laughter, lots of talking and a husky, masculine voice standing out among the little noises. A children's book is being read - it seems like they are being told a story. From that alone, she could tell that the orphans were enjoying the company.

But then, the more she closes in, the more she feels a strong sense of familiarization.

And when she finally reached the doorway of the playroom, she realized what that feeling was all about.

"Alright, kids. Settle down and listen closely. This will be the last one, but don't worry, I will be coming back with more as I've always promised."

It was Adrian all along.

Thunderstruck, Cassidy only froze on the spot and fell quiet.

She was not expecting any of these at all - not the presence of her husband, the fact that he was the other donor, the impression that the children were fond of him, and this entire scene itself. Going by their conversation, he had been here even before she decided to come to this place, and he had already formed a close relationship with them.

He is sitting on a chair at the front with a book in hand. The children are on the floor, attentively listening to his story. The way he smiles at them is kind, gentle and sincere. It's almost as if he himself is enjoying their company as well.

It's a rare look on him - one that draws and compels

"It's Mr. Adrian Millicent, Ma'am E

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