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As the doorbell announces someone's presence outside, Cassidy drops her mischievous idea for a moment and blinks in puzzlement.

She doesn't know what time it is already, but if it's still early in the morning like what she's thinking, getting a visitor is a little odd. At least for someone like her who's always been the bored and lonely lady of the house, having a guest is somewhat unusual, especially at this hour.

"That's the doorbell, right?" Adrian g.r.o.a.n.e.d with a frown, finally stirring awake from his sleep.

"How come you heard that but not what I kept saying earlier...?" Cassidy deadpanned before scooting away and shoving him.

"Now that you're awake, can you let me go already-"

"Let's leave it for five more minutes."

As he grumbled those words underneath his breath, he pulls her back in his c.h.e.s.t again despite her will. He then tightens his hold around her waist before nuzzling his nose deeper in her hair.

She lets out a loud and exasperated sigh at this, already feeling beyond bewildered. Just when she thought that they'd finally gone back to their normal relationship, he ended up acting a lot chummier than last night - or at least, compared to those moments she could still recall.

"If you're messing around with me, then you're so gonna get my fist," Cassidy taunted and huffed against his c.h.e.s.t with her brows scrunched together in vex.

"Why the bad mood so early in the morning?" Adrian retorted while he had his eyes closed, sounding a little groggy.

"As far as I remember, you're not drunk like me. There's no other reason why you're doing all this nonsense-"


He then shushed and cut her off in hope to get some silence within their remaining minutes together. He knew who's at the door right now, so he's also aware of how long his absence was gonna be today. Though she reacted miffed like he thought he would, he couldn't help but want to cuddle her more.

Initially, he didn't intend to sleep with her like this since he knew she wouldn't like it. But then, stroking her smooth, dark locks and beholding her sleeping face for a good portion of the night had ended up to be more than enough for him to lose in his d.e.s.i.r.es.

Cassidy was just so adorable when she's in her sound slumber. Adrian even thought that her small snores were cute. Enticed and drawn, he then found himself already joining her on the sofa before he knew it.

Right now as well, when he catches a glimpse of her beautiful face first thing in the morning, he can't control his urges. It's such a pleasing early greeting even though she's pissed off. Then again, feeling her warm body alone and her presence so close are more than elating for him.

Adrian does think that all these sound so not like him and that he's falling faster than he has initially braced himself for, but perhaps, this is what he gets for failing to admire his wife for five whole years. He realized that Cassidy de

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