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What Cassidy indeed wants here is to appall or turn Adrian off just like what he has guessed, but when he suddenly starts boasting his wealth instead, she feels like she has been cheated on.

The overwhelming amount of confidence that he's displaying at this very moment somehow terrifies her. Sure, he appears like a big-headed idiotic foe whose smug face she badly wants to wipe off. But it can also mean that he's more than certain that spending a million everyday will not be a burden to their finances.

Despite her own claims, she's not really a materialistic person. Shopping everyday for no good reason will only end up stressing her out. She knows she can't take up that challenge unless she wants to waste millions for real, which she really doesn't want to.

"Hey, I know you're crazy rich, but you can't possibly be that rich!" Cassidy exclaimed while inching her face closer to his and furrowing her brows in annoyance.

"Just how rich do you think I am?" Adrian retorted complacently, still smirking.

"I-If I... If I continue spending a million everyday, I'll know!" she lied and threatened haughtily - which he did not buy.

"Sure, sure~ But knowing you, you will just get tired and run out of ideas on what to buy. You are never one who spends money recklessly. Don't get pressured by forcing yourself to do the unnecessary."

"You can never be sure of what I'm capable of, bossman. I'd have you know that I was a fearless delinquent in my younger years! A rule breaker and a baddie! I can do all sorts of... o-of..." she said haltingly, averting her gaze and thinking about if for a second before shouting at his face again.

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"You mean like throwing a house party without permission, beating up a group of dirty-minded drunkards, and crashing birthdays with a motorbike?"

"Huh? That's not even that evil-"


Realizing that Adrian just made Cassidy swallow back her words, she ended up groaning in vex while he only continued smirking in amus.e.m.e.nt.

As they were having this silly banter on how to waste millions of money, they failed to realize that Cecile and the others were watching from the side this whole time. She hurried there along with the rest of the new maids to formally greet Adrian and present a proper explanation.

Apparently, they all thought that he's in a bad mood since that's what the two maids who came to get Cecile had told them. They said that he appeared to be angry since he had no idea about the reassignment until he saw both of them.

'But what the heck is this? Is that the look of someone who's angry...?' Cecile silently thought, dumbfounded after seeing him bragging and teasing his wife.

'Not to mention, the President seems very different. He never does that nor l

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