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Nearly fifteen minutes already passed, but Cassidy still finds herself stuck in quite an uncomfortable position.

Adrian stays quiet the whole time, only looking straight ahead. She was expecting that he was going to start berating her for such an immodest appearance, but he wasn't saying anything at all. With that, she just decided to look out to the window beside her and focus on the sceneries that come into view.

'Well, this is better, I guess. Though I didn't get to see him vexed, at least I've got some peace for myself. Perhaps, he is too disgusted by my outfit that he can't say a word,' she thought silently.

Little did Cassidy know that Adrian began staring at her through the corners of his eyes as soon as she turned and looked away from him.

At that very moment, he feels the need to restrain himself all of the sudden. As much as he wants to keep his mind blank, he can't help but come up with inappropriate thoughts. Right then, he realizes that she really is that kind of woman, and he a man.

Her c.h.e.s.t just looks so soft with the way its hollow is being exposed by such a low-cut top. The porcelain, smooth-looking skin on her leg is peeking out from the trim of her skirt. It's wordlessly seducing him - tempting him to put his hands all over her at this very instant.

'Gosh... I never felt so unholy in my life,' he quietly grimaced and heaved a small sigh.

Thinking about these things is making Adrian want to order the driver to zoom back home so that he can just hog Cassidy all to himself for the entire night.

Her whole apparel is definitely provoking something within him - something he may not be able to control for too long. He wants to lock her up, keep her away from people's sight, and be that selfish, needy man that he knows he has come to be because of her.

This is exactly why Adrian can't stand how other men will look at Cassidy, especially now that she is dressed like that. He hates the thought that they will come to feel the same way. Heck, he already hates it the moment they start looking at her.

"Cassidy," he called at last, piquing her attention.

"What?" she simply replied as she looked at him.

"Why did you dress yourself up like that?"

"Because I want to."

"How odd. It's the first time I see you wearing that kind of outfit."

"What are you saying? I often wear leather, and this is leather."

"You know what I mean by that, Cassidy."

"No, I don't, bossman"

Adrian can tell that Cassidy is only feigning innocence.

He knows that lying face of hers all to well by now, and though she looks cute when she is pretending to be dumbfounded, he will not have any of it this time. Though he doesn't want to force her to stop doing what she wants, he can't stay put and let other men undress her with their eyes behind his back.

"I have a favor to ask from you..." Adrian started again, expression darkening and turning more serious.

"No, wait, i

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