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It's the first time Adrian feels any genuine feeling towards his wife.

As soon as he learned about the plane crash and Cassidy's current condition, genuine fear ascended within him. He was completely thrown to sixes and sevens. For the entire ride to the hospital, he couldn't settle down at all.

That's when he also recalled his grandmother's words to him before he got married.

"Adrian, my grandson... Take good care of your wife. You may not be able to see it now, but that young woman possesses an imperceptible, special kind of fire within her - one that can melt a cold heart. She's strong-willed and relentless, never backing down... But even then, she's just as alone as you are in this world. That's why you two have to stay by each other's side no matter what," was what she said to him back when she's still bedridden at the hospital.

His grandmother is the main reason why Adrian decided to just go along with this marriage. He always respects her more than anyone else as the two of them share a particular kind of bond and closeness that made him earn such deference for her.

"Grandmother mentioned something about my wife having some kind of fire..." Adrian remembered silently, eyes as wide as saucers while he just continued watching the perplexing turn of events before him.

"But all I see now is how fired up she is to beat me into pulp."

At this very moment, Adrian is sitting on the floor with his hand covering half of his assaulted frame, an excruciating pain travelling throughout his jaws and cheeks after getting kicked straight in the face. All the while, Cassidy just seems to be raring to go for more as she just stands there and keeps cracking her knuckles, her fiery, penetrating gaze never breaking contact with his nonplussed one.

At this point, he doesn't know what he's more confounded of anymore - either this stunt that she pulled all of the sudden or the realization that she could actually make such a disdainful face all along.

"Ma'am Cassidy! What are you doing?!" Charles exclaimed before stepping between the two of them and stopping her, evidently bewildered and disconcerted.

"I kicked him! Are you blind or something?!" Cassidy hollered back matter-of-factly.

"You're not supposed to be moving around so much like this! You still haven't recovered completely-"

"Why the heck do you care?! You're the ones who did this to me in the first place!"

At that, a stretch of momentary silence prevails. Charles and the nurses can only gape at her while Adrian blinks rapidly, all of them looking thoroughly surprised and baffled. That's when she suddenly points her finger to her husband and his secretary, brows furrowed in vex.

"You guys were the ones who challenged me for a fist fight after school, right?!"

Then, silence.

For what seems like a long while, there's only silence.

Everyone musters a stupefied expression, not uttering a word. It's as if they're facing the

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