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Days passed and eventually, the much-awaited beach outing finally arrived.

At least for Cassidy, it would only be a trip that she'd spend by herself. She's already expecting that she'll be alone for the most part, especially since she highly doubts that she's a welcomed participant of this so-called family gathering of theirs.

With that said, Cassidy laid out a plan beforehand - attend the birthday party but only for the sake of the celebrant, leave her gift somewhere around the venue, then zoom out of there with the speed of lightning.

"That way, they won't even be able to see my face! I'd also get to spend more time at the beach...!" she enthused with an ecstatic grin as she walked all the way out of the mansion, her travelling bags in tow.

"Though it would probably feel lonely."

Then, she slumped.

In the end, the more is still the merrier for someone like Cassidy. She'd prefer to have at least one companion since even on the way to the resort, she'd be all on her own. Her husband or anyone for that matter won't be coming with her, after all.

But even then, she just chooses to bear with the forlorn atmosphere that will tag along in this trip. She'd rather be truly alone than stick with a group of people who only makes her feel lonely.

With all these in mind, Cassidy finally got outside of the mansion, meeting up with the head housemaid and butler who'd be seeing her off.

"Ma'am Cassidy, it's about time you get here," Mia greeted with a stern gaze, displeased by how much of a slow poke their mistress could be.

"Your service is waiting, Ma'am. Please, come this way," Anthony chimed in politely to which she replied by patting his back appreciatively.

"Good, good! Thank you, Anthony my dude-"

"Ma'am, mind your manners," the head maid then cut her off, shooting her a pointed gaze.

"R-Right, sure."

Not up to idea of getting drilled holes on by Mia's sharp-edged stare, Cassidy just pipes it down and goes ahead to where the vehicle is. But then, as soon as she laid eyes on the extravagant white limousine, she couldn't help but gasp loudly in astonishment, taking both the maid and the butler aback. In the end, she really can't pipe it down.

"Is this really what I'm going to ride on?! How cool!" she chirped in awe and pleasant surprise.

"Umm... No, Ma'am..." the butler corrected hesitantly before pointing at a different direction.

"That one is what you're going to use according to the Madam."

Then, she blinked.

It just happened that what Anthony is pointing at now is a simple black hatchback car that appears a bit old. As much as Cassidy doesn't want to comment on this since she knows she's already fortunate enough to be getting a free ride, she still can't believe that this is what Gertrude has lent to her.

After all, they're filthy rich and have tons of luxurious vehicles out there. Her mother-in-law is just clearly mocking her by sending an old-lookin

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