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Cassidy can only be skeptical as she processes what Olivia said about Adrian, thinking that he can't be possibly siding with her to the point of turning his back on his own family after all these times.

Sure, he had gotten a lot softer these days. He has been nothing but kind, gentle, and caring towards her - she will be lying if she says that it reminds her so much of their forgotten past. Of course, she is not so dense that she fails to notice such a thing. However, she also believes that it can only go that far, and she is no longer hoping for more.

Cassidy is done with hoping too much, after all - she feels nothing but tired at this point.

Besides, she can't continue to stay by his side. Knowing that his family is the one that is behind the demise of her own, she can't help but want to escape this place at this very moment only if she can. Everything is so messed up that she can't bear it any longer. It is not just right anymore - they ought to go in their own ways.

"Nice one, Ofelia. You've got me thinking for a while there, huh..." Cassidy quipped with a scheming smile, eventually snapping out of her thoughts.

"Hopefully, you've got enough time to brace yourself for what I'm about to do to you."

Oliva shudders in utter fear, knowing quite well what is going to happen.

Irish is close to bursting out, and if it is not only for the fact that she will only be wasting her efforts to be as sincerely bare and genuinely apologetic as she can, she will definitely put an end to this madness. Yet at the same time, she knows for herself that both of them deserve this. This is nothing but the starting line of their ending point - a stop to their own insanity.

After everything that they have made Cassidy go through, a burn or two and even a thousand slaps are not going to cut it.

"Y-Yes... I-I'm r-ready..." Olivia stammered out and lowered her head, still kneeling on the floor right in front of Cassidy.

"Y-You can d-do it. I-I won't b-budge or a-anything."

As she said that, another batch of tears began to stream down the sides of her face. Perhaps, this is enough preparation for what Adrian is going to do - getting burned before an audience, that is. With this, she will get to know what it truly feels like to suffer the consequences of her actions.

At the very least, going by how much Olivia is willing to go this far, she becomes more sure that she does want to change and start anew - it is not only because she owes her sister-in-law many things or she is merely saving face.

"You know, Ofelia..." Cassidy started again, her expression softening for a bit.

"I'm not a villainess that will stoop to your levels, but at the same time, I'm not a saintess to forgive you right away."

"Huh?" Olivia blurted out and looked up again, taken aback to find her staring down at her with a lifeless, empty gaze.

"I can see how willing you are to get my forgiveness - I think that's enough for me. That is w

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