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Like what Cassidy promised to Aira and Bryan, she went out on the next day to do some shopping.

For this day-off of hers, she decided to explore the city the way she has not done before. She went to this particular shopping center that had only opened up last year but had already turned into one of the leading business establishments across the country in only a matter of months -

The ever imposing and stately building of CE Mall.

'Hmmm... CE Mall, huh...?' Cassidy thought to herself as she entered the shopping complex and scanned around the surroundings which turned out to be more resplendent than she expected.

'Despite being designed as this sumptuous commercial edifice, it sure is visited by a lot of those from the middle class. Commoners like me don't even stand out even in this kind of setting since there are many of us here-"

Then, she stilled.

While looking around, Cassidy happens to catch sight of an ice cream parlor near the entrance. She comes to a pause almost immediately, beholding the place she has come to know as her sanctuary. This one appears more attention-grabbing in terms of design than those she used to see in the streets, but then again, this is inside of CE Mall.

"Oh, no, no, no~! Why must you seduce me so early, darling...?" she cooed helplessly, already feeling like going straight for the desserts rather than the main course.

"You can't be flirting with me now. I still have work to do, you know~"

Cassidy went and ate, anyway.

Like this, things are bound to happen without any trouble. She is only living her life, chilling out and making the most of what she has. With her strawberry ice cream keeping her company, she feels more than at ease - probably much too much that she is not able to prepare herself for what is about to happen a moment later.

But then again, she could not possible prepare for it if she did not see it coming in the first place.

"Huh? What's with the commotion outside...?" Cassidy wondered out loud as she peered through the glass wall of the ice cream parlor where she was still eating at.

"Is a celebrity here or something?"

It just happened that a crowd was starting to gather outside. Some have taken out their cellphones to take pictures while others settle with spectating the scene. She only continues watching what is trying to escalate there until she finally spots the cause behind all of this.

Entering the mall right now is this group of tall, debonair men dressed in what seems to be their bodyguard uniforms - approximately eight in number, she speculated.

"Oh, looks like some big shot is coming..." Cassidy trailed off and smirked to herself, thinking that it had been a long while since she witnessed this kind of scenario.

"And here I thought everyone just had nothing better to do than make an uproar-"

At that very second, she suddenly cut herself off.

Just when she thought there was nothing more to it, she saw an all-too-fam

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