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Contrary to everyone's expectation, Adrian doesn't seem to be convinced by the fact that it's Irish who's behind the reassignment.

In the past, he used to let his family members do this kind of things. Since he's working compulsively hard and for long hours every single day, he's rarely at home. Because of that, Cassidy was all by herself most of the time.

His mother and sisters would often visit their mansion and help his incompetent wife in managing the household. Considering that she never excelled both at their family's business and domestic works, they would offer to teach her while he's away and busy.

What Adrian did not know was that these women were being very brutal while they were doing it. All of the witnesses and houseworkers were being silenced by either Gertrude or Irish every time. That brutality never reached his ears.

But then again, it was just that nobody really wanted to side with a wife who had no use in the family and was always the target of malice.

No one chose to care about Cassidy before, especially with all the rumors going around. People kept saying that she was only after her husband's wealth. They thought that she was simply pretending to be in love with him so that she could satisfy her own selfish gains.

That's why they just let this brutality push her to the limits while they wait for the day when she'll finally give up on pursuing her husband's unattainable love.

Her lack of response and refusal to resolve this matter had worsened the rumors. Since nobody was sure where exactly she came from and she herself remained ignorant towards their bad perceptions of her, everyone continued to treat her badly inside her own home - for five whole years, that is.

But perhaps, the strongest factor that influenced this chain of reactions is Adrian's indifference itself. To begin with, the husband's silence and negligence serve as some of the main causes why the wife can't even enjoy her marriage life. If he's only a bit least concerned, things may have been different.

Because Adrian himself was apathetic towards his wife, everyone else followed while some took advantage of it.

Right now, though, Cassidy is a bit dumbfounded.

She has no idea why her husband is displeased by a recurring matter. Everybody knew that he trusted his elder sister and would often let her have her way, but for some reason, he's suddenly making a big deal of something like a reassignment of maids.

"Bring in Cecile. I'll talk to her," Adrian ordered the maids to which they immediately nodded before hastening away.

"What's up, bossman? You don't approve it?" Cassidy asked with her head tilted quizzically.

"Don't you remember what I said earlier? About those people you're not familiar with?"

"Uhhhh... You mean, about not talking with strangers?"

"About not even letting them get close to you. Forget about talking."

"Huh? But you know these people, and they're sent by your

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