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In Ray's perspective, Asher appears to be a discerning yet ambiguous young man.

During the first few hours they were together, he tried to figure out why he was beating around the bush. The fact that he didn't go straight to business baffled him. He toured him all around their secret base from morning until afternoon - or at least the visible parts of it.

It seemed that there's more to this place other than what he already saw.

"You look like you are still in your twenty's. Yet the way you smoke already resembles how an old man does it," Ray pointed out as he took the cigar he was trying to hand over to him for a while now.

"Like how you do it?" Asher muttered lowly, still smirking.

"Yeah. I won't deny that."

"Rather than how I smoke, shouldn't you be more concerned about how you will go around this situation? You probably didn't notice, but I did try to show you a few exits that you could easily slip into, you know."

"Oh, is that what the tour about?"

It was true that Asher did that. Of course, Ray would notice the exits, though he didn't expect his reason. However, leaving like that would only waste this opportunity. Escaping may have been his top priority last night, but not right now.

At any rate, it wasn't that difficult to tell that he was only testing him the whole time. He probably thinks he doesn't trust them enough and that he thinks that following them will not be worth it.

"I believe we still have some things to talk about, though. I went with you for the deets," Ray continued when he only stayed quiet.

"It takes more than what you think to make me spill all the beans. But at least, let me tell you about those murder cases that you've been investigating for days now," Asher brought up with a scowl marring his frame.

"You mean the suspects for the Millicent's assassination?"

"Yeah. The thing is, they're our men."

Ray reacts taken aback by this, his eyes widening a little in nonplus. He expected that Asher would only tell about that single suspect who managed to survive and got away from the mastermind of the assassination.

"They're what...? Now that you said it, just what are you people?" he asked in confusion.

"I thought you already have an idea somehow, especially after you saw all those guns and this secret base. The only thing I can tell you is that we're a group who carries out certain orders from various people who have the money to pay us - big shots, tycoons and personages," he answered with a nonchalant tone, sounding as if he wasn't revealing such an important information.

"I see... I get that I can't ask more than that, huh?"

"Well, if you're working with the police, I will not even keep you alive right now. All you want here is to know about the suspects for your private investigation, though, am I right? Lucky for you, we're holding a grudge against the one who killed them. That person was blasted enough to break the agreement they

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