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Adrian takes a moment to rummage through his blurry memories that night, feeling all the more shaken by his obliviousness.

He has long braced himself for something like this - facing the consequences of his ignorance, that is. Ever since he admitted his feelings for Cassidy, he thought that the very least he could do to keep her by his side was clean up his own mess. He is prepared to take any bad consequence as long as she stays.

Adrian would accept it if Cassidy had come to hate him so much. It would be okay if she gave him the cold shoulders. He would understand if she could never forgive him for everything he did.

However, Cassidy has been kind to him - like she has always been.

Even though she kept going against him, messing with him, pissing him off, pushing him away, turning down his romantic gestures, clashing with him, and even telling him that he was not her type over and over again, she did not completely shut her doors closed. By staying, she had given him a chance to turn over a new leaf and treat her better.

Yet here he was - realizing that he actually did something that could be considered as cheating.

"What..." Adrian breathed out, feeling his heart drop a million feet below at the thought of him cheating on his wife.

"W-What did we do exactly?"

As he asked that, Sophie only gave him an even wider smirk.

There is a possibility that she is only lying, but his senses and gut feeling are saying the opposite. He can tell if a person is lying or not. Besides, considering how ignorant he was of other people back then, there was a chance that he did something as extremely stupid as what she said.

Then again, Adrian neglected Cassidy for five long years.

Misunderstandings like this might not even be this much of a big deal for his past self. He admitted that he was that much of an asshole, and he knew he deserved every punishment that the world would think he should have for being like that.

Now, guilt is gnawing at him once again. He feels heavier than ever. His shortcomings and wrongdoings as an indifferent husband to her are weighing much, much heavier than ever before.

With that, he finds himself benumbed all over.

"It's alright if you don't remember, Adrian..." Sophie cooed, using his numb state as an opportunity to get her hands on him at last.

"After all, we can do it again. I'll gladly remind you."

That's when she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him down to her, inching their faces closer.

Feeling like he has been burned, he hastily backs away in an attempt to evade her. His eyes then widen in flummox at how he ends up staggering backward instead. He was so taken aback that he lost his footing. Her hold around his neck is also tight enough to send her stumbling with him. With that, he did not get to shove her away.

Rather, what happens next is something Adrian knows he will detest himself for.

It just happened that his back hit the wall behind h

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