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Millicent Inc. is one of the country's most successful conglomerates with interests in business development and management, both retail and manufacturing, real estate development, banking, tourism and many other fields.

With over hundreds of branches nationwide, the corporation is the dominant player when it comes to the kind of services that they offer. The foundation has various areas of advocacy, including scholarship programs, building schoolhouses, a mall-based outreach program, health care, hospital activity centers and other community projects.

As of this moment, the Board of Directors is conducting a meeting to deliberate over the company's future plans. The one who's leading this group of distinguished individuals is none other than the main proprietor himself, Adrian.

Dressed up in a lavish formal suit, he's presently taking the spotlight, discussing one topic to another. His neat light brown hair gleams a compelling l.u.s.ter once streaked by light while his ocean blue irises remain breath-takingly transfixing even when deeply focused.

At one point, though, his eyes can't help but stray to one empty seat at the front, which just turns out to be his wife's.

"What's taking her so long? She never ran late before..." Adrian wondered silently, recalling how his wife decided not to go together with him this time.

"She's also acting a bit strange these days."

He remembers how Cassidy seems to be keeping her distance from him ever since the annual family reunion. She's always the one to initiate physical contact after all, and it just shows how determined she is to earn his affection.

For the past five years, Adrian has been putting up with her romantic advances - preparing a candlelit dinner almost every night, using each chance she can get to invite him to outings, pleasing him in any way she can, and the list goes on. Since they're supposed to be a couple, it's only natural that she acts this way.

However, all Adrian feels for this woman is pity.

He knows that he doesn't love her back. He knows he can't ever love her back - not just simply because he doesn't feel anything towards her, but also for the reason that love itself is a nonexistent word in his vocabulary.

"President, can you excuse me for a second?" called his secretary from the side all of the sudden, wearing a weary expression.

His secretary, an attractive man with dark blue hair and eyes, will never do this in the middle of an important assembly with the Board of Directors if it's not an emergency. With that in mind, Adrian excuses himself for a moment and approaches him.

"What is it, Charles?"

"It's about your wife, President. Ma'am Cassidy has been-"

"What about my daughter-in-law, Charles?"

That's when a blonde woman of older a.d.u.l.thood with sapphire blue orbs and a youthful-looking profile appears beside them out of nowhere. She has this austere expression on her face, which Charles has lon

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