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Around the first week after meeting eighteen-year-old Cassidy, Adrian has been trying to deny his tendencies to get so worked up.

He didn't want to waste time in looking after her nor did he want to change how they'd been treating each other. But after Gilmore and Charles told him about every trouble and disturbance that his wife was up to back at the hospital, concern began to swell up within him.

Now, it started with just as simple as concern.

Then again, with her troublesome and childish attitude, concerns are inevitable.

Even then, Adrian refused to get too worked up - to pay her a bigger portion of attention than before. He did not want to care as long as she wouldn't do anything out of his control, especially those that could damage the name of the family.

But for some reason, he found himself paying attention before he knew it.

That's because unlike before when Cassidy was still so behaved, complaisant, refined and easy to talk sense to, the present her reeked of nothing but troublesome news. She's an impulsive thinker and a carefree loon - that's for sure.

With all that said, Adrian continued his search all around the mansion.

He looked around from one place to another and hall after hall. At first, he was just walking like normal, but a moment later, he found himself already running.

This is what he meant by his tendencies to get all worked up - he's not in his usual cool.

"Where in the world did she go?" Adrian grumbled underneath his breath, already getting frustrated after almost half an hour of searching.

That's all until he heard something from the hall that's leading to the mansion's audio-visual room.

He could hear a faint beat that seemed to be some sort of music, the subtle sounds of people chattering and a confusing noise overall. With a flummoxed look on his face, he then started to make his way to its direction.

"What on earth...?"

In each step he takes, what's happening inside the audio-visual room is starting to get clearer and clearer for him. He can see the lights on, hear the air-conditioner and sound system running, and sense people's presences.

Now, as soon as Adrian takes a peek through one of the glass windows of that room, he finally figures out what kind of monstrosity is taking place.

It turns out that the audio-visual room has now become some sort of karaoke bar.

"...Ey, ey, ey, ey...!!!"

Then, he froze.

At the very moment Adrian turned to the direction of the person in the microphone, he ended up gaping slightly, eyes bulging in nonplus and incredulity. Said person on the mic just happened to be none other than his wife.

"Put your hands up! Put your hands! Ey, ey, ey, ey...!!!"

And she even recruited some of their maids and manservants in her troublemakers' club this time.

Cassidy is chanting something on top of this level paved platform in front of the huge flat screen monitor. All the while, the hous

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