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In all actuality, Cassidy didn't only rearrange their room and move her bed away during that entire afternoon.

She also locked herself up in her chain of thoughts. It's just that what Gertrude did back in the living room had affected her in a way that she didn't quite expect.

Cassidy wasn't really troubled by the fact that she made a bad impression, though. She also didn't mope or sulk. In fact, she didn't care about what her mother-in-law thought of her or how her disrespectful behavior must have worsened their relationship.

Instead of all these things, what Cassidy had been pondering for a while was how exactly she could break free from this household.

"The husband doesn't love me, the mother-in-law showed some abusive tendencies, the entire family themselves has no need of an outsider like me, and even I..." Cassidy thought silently as she just kept exchanging looks with her husband.

"I don't think I can adjust to this way of living any time soon. At first, I did think that I was already fortunate enough that I had all these luxuries. I thought I was already satisfied with having something I could call as home - unlike before when the street was the only place I belonged to. But after comparing my life now and the one I had back then... I eventually realized that I'd rather be free and continue being me instead of staying trapped inside this lavish cage."

Now that she's recalling everything she mulled over for the past hours, she couldn't help but muster a downcast expression.

Seeing how his wife seems to slump down all of the sudden, Adrian takes a moment to wonder what wrong he committed this time. He just did as what he thought would make Cassidy happy - or at least the older version of her, that is. But then, the only reaction he gets in return is this disheartened display of hers.

That's when he finds himself feeling quite frustrated. He always thought that women were easy to please.

"Thanks for the thought and the trouble, bossman..." Cassidy started again after a brief pause on her part.

"But I won't be attending the party. I'll just stay here."

Taken aback by her uncalled-for rejection, Adrian ends up blinking at her in surprise and confusion. Only then did he finally sense that something's really up with her today. It's just as what Mia said - she appeared somewhat out of it for some reason.

"Why are you not going? You never decline my mother's invitations before," Adrian asked, regarding her inquisitively.

"Well, it really won't make a difference if I come or not, right? Try telling me one good reason why I should attend," Cassidy answered nonchalantly while rubbing the back of her head.

"It's a family gathering, and everyone will be there."

"Nice try, but that won't change my mind."

"You're my wife, so you should come with me, your husband."

"And be a mere accessory? You don't need me for something like that, bossman. I'll even probably bring you

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