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Like some sort of a light at the end of the tunnel, their one final shot in getting out of that deserted road arrived at long last.

Much to their relief and pleasant surprise, the scheduled bus for the evening showed up. Though Cassidy silently wished it could've come before the rain poured down, she was still grateful that it came. Its arrival is probably the only good thing that happened today.

"This is great, bossman! We can finally leave!" she enthused with a grin, already forgetting the horrors that she went through.

Adrian takes a second to glance at his wife, a bit taken aback by how she seems to smile so easily even after all that. She may look a little exhausted, but the glimmer in her beaming eyes still has this unparalleled brilliance that can light up a whole city.

"Yeah, it is. Shall we get going, then?" Adrian asked before standing up and offering his hand to her, a small smile gracing his features all the while.

"Huh? What is it?" Cassidy asked in confusion.

"Your feet are still not treated and your heels broke. You can't walk barefoot. I'll just carry you."


Perhaps, she reacted so petrified earlier that she made him pity her this much. Though this is quite a gentlemanly act on his part, it still bewilders her to a certain degree since her husband is never a gentleman in the first place - at least, when it comes to her, she guessed.

Refusing to remain looking like some sort of a damsel in distress, Cassidy forces herself to rise on her feet and shows Adrian that she doesn't need to be carried.

"I'm fine, thanks. I can walk on my own," she said, struggling to act tough but only to wobble all of the sudden.

"You're just gonna hurt yourself more at this rate," he replied with a sigh before walking up to her.

That's when Adrian bends a little and scoops Cassidy out of nowhere, making her squeal in surprise. Despite all the squirming around and protesting that she does in response, he just begins to tread their path to the bus stop while carrying her bridal-style.

"Just what exactly are you trying to gain here, bossman? You're not acting like yourself," she huffed with her arms crossed and brows narrowed in suspicion.

"Am I not allowed to treat you like this?" he retorted, his firm gaze somewhat inscrutable.

"I know that you normally don't, and even if you do, I also know it's not genuine - so technically, you're the one who doesn't allow it."

Her being dubious didn't surprise him. He did nothing but neglect her for the past five years, after all. Right now, though, he steels his resolve to put an end to that.

Apologies alone will never be enough, so he'll start with his actions. Even if she doubts his true intentions over and over again, he'll make sure that he'll always take good care of her from here on out.

"Now..." Cassidy hissed in evident annoyance, eyeing him demandingly.

"Put me down already-"

Right then, though, Adrian

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