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Adrian feels like drowning in deep, deep water.

It's cold and dark - like a huge empty void.

There is this dense mass of mist that is hauling in a dreary and bizarre sort of feel. There are distant voices and faint noises. There were a lot of movements for some time, but eventually, they all died down. In the end, there are only fills of emptiness and heavy silence.

Then, there are these vivid images that suddenly take form before him.

Adrian tries to figure out what they are rather than why they are there. He peers through each one of them until he is pierced by a great deal of reminiscing all of the sudden. Now, he has to rely on what he is feeling instead of what he thinks. If he were to deny their existence like what his brain was telling him to, they might vanish.

These are flashbacks of his past - is what his feeling telling him.

"Then, what is love should be about? Do I need to be of use all the time in order to be loved? Is love being determined by one's worth...?"

"When will you ever admit that you are only seeing someone else...?!"

"You don't look like you're from around here..."

"Hey, little fire head! What do you think you're doing...?!"

"If I'm shady, then you're nosy...!"

"Stop following me already...! You'll get yourself into trouble...!"

"Can't you see?! If I'm with you, there's no danger that can finish you off no matter how many they are...!"

The feeling is growing stronger and stronger.

Even though Adrian keeps telling himself that he can't remember these things at all, what is happening now is proving the opposite. They are there for a reason. It's all making him piece the puzzle together to see the bigger picture, but even when he is slowly getting into it, he remains numb and stiff for the whole ride.

And so, the only thing Adrian could really do in response was take them all in.

That is when things become clearer and clearer.

Indeed, these are his memories - ones that he didn't know he lost.


The ever prestigious and esteemed Millicent family may appear perfect in every side and angle that one will try to look from, but once the very inside is seen, it can be the most perfect view of an imperfect family.

Sure, there are the endless piles of wealth, their far-reaching fame, the overwhelming influence, and the honor and respect that others would always lavish on them. However, beyond those things, there is really nothing else to see. It's only the luxurious, upscale facade of a somber and lifeless household.

At a young age, Adrian is already aware of the kind of life that they are living - not just the facade, but its entirety.

He had grown up feeling restrained, dictated in every way, and thoroughly pressured. After all, he was the youngest member of the family at that time. He had a lot of catching up to do.

His family was there to guide him, and they had supported him. But then, there was still something that was lacking

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