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At the moment, Cassidy appears neither thrown off guard nor perplexed by the unannounced visit.

She is only standing on the top of the staircase - with everyone else, maids and menservants alike, watching in silence. Her unsmiling expression is enigmatic yet intimidating. She is almost emotionless, but the air around her tells of a different story - one that can potentially unfold with a drastic and far-reaching effect.

"This can be bad..." Anthony thought out loud from beside Mia.

"Should we intervene? We can't have those ladies near Ma'am Cassidy. They're quite the feral ones."

"Doesn't seem so to me. If anything, Ma'am Cassidy appears to be the one we should look out for the most. Besides, they're probably not here to do the usual."

As they recall everything that they know this family has been doing to their mistress before, a stinging pang of guilt hits them. If the change that is happening around these people now is actually some retribution in disguise - a reversal of positions like they speculated, then everyone in this place should also have their fair share of just deserts for letting her undergo that unimaginably great torment.

They all had made Cassidy like this - not only the Millicent family.

"Cassidy, listen..." Olivia finally started after what seemed like a torturous eternity of momentous silence.

"I've come to tell you something. May I have some time to talk with you-"

"Then, talk. Here and now," Cassidy cut her off with a condescending tone.

"H-Huh? As in... h-here? I-In front... of these p-people?"

"I'll give you ten minutes. I'm pretty busy right now."

"Hey, wait..." Irish chimed in a bit hesitantly, reacting indignantly to her imposing approach.

"Olivia wants this to be between us. We should go somewhere private-"

"Or I should go now and leave you here this instant."

The crowd that is spectating them now is caught off guard by that.

Indeed, their positions have switched - anyone could see that.

Cassidy has taken her turn to be the formidable one around here, inspiring fear and respect with only a few words. While Irish flares up even more at this yet still chooses to keep it down, Olivia slumps heavily in defeat. Unlike back then, they did not hurl every offensive and degrading insult that they would come up with. There was not even a room for mockery or retaliation - only silent acceptance to the superior force.

It is a plain and clear picture - she domineers, and they submit.

"It's fine, Irish. Don't say anymore..." Olivia told Irish before bracing herself and looking back at Cassidy - at this point, the suspense got the crowd leaning in for whatever it was she was going to say.

"I would like to express my gratitude, Cassidy. For saving both me and my sister that night. I owe you our lives."

The blonde did not get any response other than her unchanged look of nonchalance and disinterest. Even then, she did not waver. Although not getting

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