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Cassidy is still hugging Hugo and patting Joshua on the head when she notices the look that Asher is giving her the whole time.

He appears to be not pleased, which she guesses is because of what they have agreed on back then. She made a promise that she would not be in contact with any member of the Millicent family - something she swore more to herself than to anyone else. He was the one who helped her get out of their radar, and he made sure that she would never be bothered again.

At that time, Cassidy was only desperate to move on and start anew. For that, she had disregarded even the good things she left behind, including these nephews of hers who have held her dear.

'He's probably thinking that I've kept this a secret from him. In reality, I've just reunited with them today. How distrustful of you, Asher...' Cassidy brooded and sighed, wondering how overprotective he could be.

'Right now, though, I've got to focus more on my dearest darling nephews. Explanations can wait.'

She then returned the look that Asher was giving her with a serious one of her own. And with that, they started a telepathic exchange - with her telling him to back off in the meantime, and him telling her that he is never going to let her off the hook.

"By the way, Aunty..." Hugo chimed in all of the sudden, pulling away from the embrace and turning around to point at Asher.

"This gentleman in black - he helped us find your restaurant. We got lost since big brother only knew where you live and not where you work. Who he is to you, by the way?"

'Gentleman... in black...?' Cassidy repeated in her head and blinked at him in bafflement.

'Oh, Asher's wearing his biker outfit. It's good that Hugo seems to be no longer afraid of people in black.'

"Whaddya think...?" Asher asked Hugo with a smirk, taking him aback.

"Who do you think am I to her, Shade the Fourth?"

"Shade the what?" Joshua blurted out, dumbfounded.

"His name is Hugo, Sir..." Damien corrected, oblivious as to what he was getting at.

"And also, I'm Damien. The other one is Joshua. We're all brothers. It's a bit late, but it's nice to meet you."

"Yeah, yeah. Nice to meet you too, little Shades."

Cassidy only groans at Asher exasperatedly, thinking that they are not even Adrian's children.

But at least, he is matured enough to put aside the interrogation and save it for tomorrow, though he is childish enough to mess around with them by giving them those nicknames. For the entire time, her nephews had no idea why they were being called like that. They also remained bewildered as to what their relationship really was.

Despite it all, their video game night carries on as planned.

Joshua and Hugo try to get to know Aira more as well. They would tease Damien from time to time by busting him out and telling her that he used to talk about her a lot. Cassidy found it endearing, and while she already suspected that there's something going on

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